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Damian Marley – “Set Up Shop” Video

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<a href="">Damien "Jr. Gong" Marley</a> pens an open letter to the third world in "Set Up Shop.

Welcome To Jamrock

The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 22 – A Song You Listen To When You’re Sad

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<a href=""> As far as my musical leanings go, I’m pretty one dimensional and rarely venture off into reggae. However, all rules have exceptions. Every so often, I wake up on the wrong side of the bed and find myself popping Damian Marley and Nas’ 2005 masterpiece, “Road to Zion” in the deck. The two musicians carry the track with God’s Son easily spitting one of his greatest politically charged sixteens and Junior Gong’s melodious verses maintain stride. The two artists show the first inklings of a considerably interconnected chemistry together, a connection that would later manifest into a full-fledged LP. But sometimes, it’s the words that aren’t said that have the most impact. For one, Stephen Marley’s somber, gloomy production captures the mood and sets the perfect stage for the headlining two to deliver their rhymes. But it’s the tiniest of chords that really bring the song home and make it what it is to me. The gentle, soothing humming that starts it off and then takes the passenger seat as the backdrop to the vocals absolutely hits the mark and elevates the record from great to classic. “Road to Zion” is definitely not something that I listen to get myself out of a funk, but rather it encapsulates any negative emotion I may be feeling. Words can’t exactly explain how, but it brings me into a state of calm and helps me explore my sentiments. The youngest Marley’s smooth verses mixed in with a brilliant feature from Esco take me into a zone, while the resounding production and subtle elements give me a platform to step back and see things from an objective view. And all these elements combine to make the Welcome To Jamrock gem one of my absolutely favorite tracks I’ve ever heard. Damian Marley Feat. Nas - "Road To Zion" (Prod. By Stephen Marley) Previously: <a href="">Day 21 – A Song You Listen To When You’re Happy</a>.


Nas & Damain Marley Feat. Junior Reid – “Ancient People”

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<a href=""> Throw another excerpt into the Distant Relatives scrapbook. Nas and Damian link up with none other than Junior "One Blood" Reid for their family tree's iTunes bonus track. This particular chant down Babylon encompasses all the <a href="">strengths, weaknesses and originality of the album</a> in just one track.


The Week That Was: The “Speak Your Mind” Edition

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<a href=""> -- In sports, Elin Woods made the move to be the first <a href="">3/4 billion dollar</a> athlete's ex-wife & <a href="">Sonny Vaccaro says Hov</a> is the key to LeBrongate.


And The Winner Of The Distant Relatives Giveaway Is…

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<a href=""> After a record number of entries, we're proud to announce that Brett H. of Columbus, OH. won the Distant Relatives t-shirt & CD. Brett, report to the front desk and pick up your prizes. Thanks to each and every one of you who entered. The more entries, the better the prizes will be. Support appreciated. Big respect due to <a href="">Burn Rubber</a> and <a href="">Fat Beats</a> for holding us down.


Last Call To Enter The Distant Relatives Giveway


<a href=""> We'll be announcing the winner tomorrow but we're still accepting the entries from procrastinators today. Free gear and a CD? Even Nas & Damien are giving you a look, asking what you're waiting for? <a href="Burn Rubber x Fat Beats x Distant Relatives T-Shirt & CD">Click here</a> to enter the Burn Rubber x Fat Beats x Distant Relatives T-Shirt & CD giveaway.


Reminder: Enter To Win The Distant Relatives T-Shirt & CD

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<a href=""> This limited edition Distant Relatives tee taken off our backs and handed directly over to one winner and we'll kick in a CD copy of the album to boot. All you have to do is enter. So, what are you waiting for? Enter: <a href="">Burn Rubber x Fat Beats x Distant Relatives T-Shirt & CD</a>.


Nas & Damian Marley Feat. Lil Wayne & Joss Stone – “My Generation”

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<a href=""> For one of the more focused Lil Wayne verses you'll hear this year (if ever), tune in to the family reunion Nasir Jones and Damian "Junior Gong" Marley are presenting on wax this May 18th, 2010 with <a href="">Distant Relatives</a>.


Damian Marley & Nas Feat. Dennis Brown – “The Promised Land”

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<a href=""> Here's another choice cut to ramp up anticipation for the May 18th release of <a href="">Distant Relatives</a>.


OKPTV Interviews Distant Relatives Nas & Damien Marley

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<a href=""> Somehow, some way © Organized, <a href="">Okayplayer</a> snagged both Nas & Damien Marley for a video interview while @ SXSW.

Notable Quotables

Notable Quotable – Nas On “Strong Will Continue”

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"I'MA STREET LIFER, always harassed by the C-Ciphers Chief-like, Geronimo with his peace pipe I emerged from the street life This for the homies who relate, know what it be like My QB life Taken and turned to the Louie XIII® light Twisted and mangled sorta like Bruce Lee life Cursed with his son Brandon, if that's you and me Knight I pray our fate's greater I speak like I still matter as a rapper, not doubting.

Smoke N Mirrors

B-Real – “Fire” Video

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Off that <a href="">Smoke N Mirrors</a> album & featuring Damian Jr.


“Dr. Hyphenstein” – Review Of B-Real’s Smoke N Mirrors

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West coast Hip-Hop has seemed to pick up it’s pace again in the last year or so with the help of newcomers such Blu, Jay Rock, and Crooked I being extremely viral with their artist marketing.

Young De

The Visual Arts


You know the drill.

wyclef jean

The Game x “Hustler’s Dream” x “Number One” x “Enemy”

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Three new Jayceon tracks that seem to be leftovers from L.

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