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‘The Walking Dead’ Bids Farewell To The Governor With A Killer Tribute Video

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Saying goodbye to the first major villain on television's most popular series, 'The Walking Dead.'


‘The Walking Dead’s’ David Morrissey Explains To Conan How Playing The Governor Ruined ‘Mad Men’ For Him

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David Morrissey continued his charming on couches tour last night with a stop by Conan to explain this phenomenon.

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The Governor May Stick Around On ‘The Walking Dead’ Longer Than You’d Think

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Everything is pointing toward a short run remaining for The Governor on 'The Walking Dead,' except for everything that doesn't.

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10 Reminders That ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Governor Is A Terrible Human Being

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Ahead of the season finale of 'The Walking Dead,' here's a refresher on what a terrible person The Governor is.

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AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Casts Its Signature Villain, The Governor

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I haven't seen last night's episode of "The Walking Dead" yet because of the Oscars, but I'm assured by Sepinwall that it was the best of the season.

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