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A Change Will Do You Good


Perhaps inspired by last week's "Gay Dad" episode of The League, DeAngelo Hall decided to leave Washington's victory in the same Lacoste (presumably polo, because that's the only shirt Lacoste makes, right.

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DeAngelo Hall Did A Good Thing?


DeAngelo Hall is responsible for covering Calvin Johnson today.

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Redskins Bring Back DeAngelo Hall, To The Delight Of Everyone But Redskins Fans


Schadenfreude is at its best when you can watch a team cut ties with a player who is universally detested by that team's fan base, only to bring him back later, producing delightfully shrill cries of frustration and anguish.

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The Best Moments From Week 8 Sunday


Even though I'm about to die in a hurricane and still have to read Peter King's regular drivel, it's a joyous Monday, for there's a return of The Mighty MJD's Smorgasbord.

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Breesus Waits – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse


- #WhileDrewBreesWaits, a hashtag playing on the ongoing Drew Brees contract stalemate, was recently trending on Twitter.


Reynolds Rap: The D-League Life & NBA All-Star Weekend Predictions


After an illustrious four-year career at Villanova, Scottie Reynolds didn't go down the typical path of a consensus First Team All-American.

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KSK Meast And Least For Week 7


Here is a funny thing that could inspire words of derision.


Your NFL Recap: Week 7


Being a NFL defender is a tough gig with a much greater share of shame than glory. Week 7 was the week the defenses turned the table as this week featured defensive touchdowns. Ground zero for the cornerback invasion was Solider’s Field, where D’Angelo Hall  almost single-handedly ended Jay Cutler, Mike Martz and Lovie Smith’s careers. Hall intercepted a harassed Cutler 4 times in the second half, returning one for a game-winning 92 yard touchdown. The whole game was a debacle for both offenses, the main difference being that Washington did a better job recovering their own fumbles. Neither of these jokes of teams should make the playoffs. Hall’s bounty wasn’t the only record setting performance of the day. Cleveland’s stunning upset win over New Orleans was keyed by two interception TDs by 157 year old Browns backer David Bowens. A horrible loss for the defending champs, who don’t look like a playoff team at this point. Speaking of former glories, there was a time when the Oakland Raiders were synonymous with championships. Lately the Raiders are known more for cycling through quarterbacks, weird draft picks, trades for washed up players and coaches assaulting each other. For one week though, all the Raiders did was just win baby. Oakland went into Denver and took it to the Broncos, scoring two TDs in 8 seconds and 38 points in all before Denver could crack the scoreboard. At the center of it was Darren McFadden, who appears to be the one high pick who can lead the Raiders back to the promised land. D-Mac dropped four TDs on the Broncos before handing it over to Michael Bush for some garbage time pummeling. It’s doubtful the Raiders can make much noise this year, but the dedicated fans of the silver and black may have hope on the horizon. Enjoy it. NFL controversy took its talents to South Beach in a hard fought game between the AFC leading Steelers and the Dolphins. Miami had a two point lead with two minutes to go, when the White Mamba fumbled the ball into the Dolphins end zone leading 300 pound linemen from both teams to pounce on the pigskin like a loose donut. Under an obscure NFL rule known as the “we have to fucking clue what just happened” edict, the Steelers were awarded the ball from the six inch line. Field goal, ball game, and angry Miami fans will have to console themselves by crying into their new LeBron jerseys. Quick Hits -- Kenny Britt, suspended for the first quarter due to tearin’ the club up, still managed to go for over 200 yards and three touchdowns as the Titans won a statement game against Philadelphia.


Rex Ryan Is Not DeAngelo Hall’s BFF [Video]


Hard Knocks with the New York Jets is quickly rising up the charts as my favorite sports documentary miniseries of all time, and Rex Ryan is 95% of the reason why.

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This Score Don’t Define Me! I Define Me!


DeAngelo Hall: Can someone just explain this to me.

nothing like a Michael Vick post

The Thought Process Of DeAngelo Hall


Hall intercepted Brett Favre in the fourth quarter of the Raiders-Jets game yesterday.




Wait, did I say eighty-five.

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