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Here Is Taco Bell’s Long-Awaited Passion Pit Documentary

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Taco Bell and Passion pit sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Anthony Ladesich

This Short Documentary On Toys & Toymakers Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again


Ever wondered how action figures are made? They are hand-sculpted by toy sculptors, naturally.


Werner Herzog’s Haunting New Documentary Will Convince You To Never Text While Driving Again

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You will never text while driving again after watching Werner Herzog's new documentary.


Here’s to an amazing year in documentaries

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<a href="" target="_blank">Act of Killing</a> opened in LA over the weekend and hits <a href="" target="_blank">a few more locations</a> this week, and while I managed to publish what I think is one of <a href="" target="_blank">the better interviews I've ever done</a> last week, with co-director Josh Oppenheimer, I still haven't been able to finish a proper review.


TRAILER: This documentary about dancing dogs looks incredible

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I know you're probably wary about me talking up a documentary about dancing dogs, because just the idea of "a documentary about dancing dogs" sounds like someone snuck into my wheelhouse one night and stole everything.


INTERVIEW: Steven Feinartz, director of the Eddie Pepitone documentary ‘The Bitter Buddha’

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When I met Steven Feinartz at an IFC event Sarah Silverman and Reggie Watts were headlining at SXSW, he was upstairs hanging with all the comedians, and I just assumed he was one (he'd actually seen me perform, which makes him part of an incredibly small fraternity).


Tonight’s HBO Summer Documentary: The Crash Reel

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I've been highlighting the films from HBO's Summer Documentary Series when they hit every Monday because I always enjoy me some doc talk, but I think tonight's entry might be the one I've most been looking forward to.


A Documentary about American Masculinity

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Jennifer Siebel Newsom made a documentary in 2011 called Miss Representation.


The Power Glove Is Getting A Well-Deserved Documentary

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The Power Glove was a ridiculous controller, but it took on an odd life as an art object and focus of nostalgia... and now, there's a documentary coming.


The Director Of M.I.A.’s Documentery With Kanye West Leaks Footage, Then Quits The Project

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Nothing's every easy for M.I.A., whose documentary director quit the project after leaking footage.


Review: A Band Called Death out-sugars Sugar Man

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A Band Called Death is opening today in a handful of markets (<a href="" target="_blank">handy guide here</a>), and is available everywhere on iTunes and VOD.


The Iron Sheik Is Trying To Raise Money For A Documentary About His Life

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For a lot of people, the Iron Sheik is one of two things, if not both – 1) The greatest villain in the WWE’s history; or 2) The meanest (and possibly funniest) <a href="" target="_blank">man on Twitter</a>.


TRAILER: ‘Blackfish,’ a documentary about orcas with issues

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It seems odd to make a documentary about killer whales with "fish" in the title, and it gives me flashbacks to my favorite Seinfeld episode, where George has to pull one of Kramer's golfballs out of a beached whale's blowhole so he can keep pretending to be a marine biologist, even though he keeps referring to the whale as "the great fish.


The Air Sex World Championships Is Making A Documentary (And I’m In It)

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If you've enjoyed contributing money to millionaire Kickstarter vanity projects by folks like Rob Thomas, Zach Braff and Rob Liefeld (<a href="" target="_blank">no, seriously, Rob Liefeld is doing one of these things</a>), you'll LOVE giving money to millionaires who matter: <a href="" target="_blank">the bizarre human beings behind the Air Sex World Championships are making a documentary</a>.


‘Yuck,’ a 4th-Grader’s Documentary about His School’s Lunches

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If you go to festivals like the NYC Independent Film Festival, you can see films like Yuck, a short documentary directed by a fourth grader about his own school lunches.


‘Wonder Women!’ Is A Missed Opportunity

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'Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroes' is ultimately anything but, and that's a shame.


Filmmaker dies pretending to be homeless

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An English film director (and apparently super handsome guy) was found dead in a boarded up hostel last week, just three days after he started a project in which he planned to live like a homeless person for a week to draw attention to the homeless problem.


HBO Is Developing A Documentary On Nora Ephron’s Life And Career

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By now it's no secret that we remember Nora Ephron fondly around here. So we're pleased to hear that HBO has a documentary in the works on her.


Hawking (Trailer)


A rare behind-the-scenes look at the life and story of the planet's most famous living scientist, Stephen Hawking.


Ed Koch dies the same day the Koch documentary opens

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As a dumb Californian, I knew Ed Koch mainly as the guy who replaced Judge Wapner on the People's Court.

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