Dominique Strauss-Kahn Charged With “Aggravated Pimping” In Prostitution Ring


Perhaps you're unaware of who Dominique Strauss-Kahn is, and that's perfectly acceptable in this instance.

pic of the day

Pic Of The Day: Hands Off Buddy

DSK: Oh, and who's this delicious-looking croissant with the caramel-colored skin and pearl necklace around her neck.

#Arnold Schwarzenegger

Person Seeks Cyber-Stalkers For Article On Cyber-Stalkers

From Craigslist: Have you ever become infatuated with someone you knew only from the Internet, someone you didn't really know outside of the Internet at all.

tina brown

Horny Frenchman Rushes To Defend Horny Frenchman


When we last checked in on Bernard-Henri Lévy, the French intellectual was showing up late to a party at Tina Brown's house accompanied by Daphne Guinness, his catsuit-wearing mistress, where he bragged about having just come from convincing Nicolas Sarkozy to go war with Libya.


“Planking” Killed A Guy?

Media Blames Facebook Trend For Man's Death A man in Australia fell to his death while "planking" (AKA playing the Lying Down Game), a less-fatal example of which can be seen above.

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