Mars Is Bringing Back Crispy M&M’s Because Of ‘Nearly Daily’ Demands

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Gone for almost nine years, Crispy M&M's are coming back in January thanks to reportedly constant demands from consumers.


Tito Ortiz Back???

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Last July at UFC 148, Tito Ortiz was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame right before he lost what was presumably the last fight of his career, a rubber match with Forrest Griffin.


What TV Show Do You Most Want to See Rebooted?

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It's a pretty straightforward question: "Star Trek" may be coming back if Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer successfully revive "The Munsters".


El Tigre Is Back, Baby!

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The past two years have been pretty tough on Tiger Woods, what with that whole wife finding out that he was banging escorts, porn stars and Perkins waitresses and then that whole other plummeting to 52nd on the World Golf Rankings because he suddenly sucks.


Tiki Barber Will, In Fact, Call It A Comeback

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We haven't had a good comeback story that didn't involve Brett Favre or a cell phone lately, so here's one for you: Tiki Barber, the NFL's 12th leading rusher all-time, is plotting a return to the NFL.


Could Kurt Warner Return For 2010? (Spoiler Alert: No.)


There reportedly was an outside chance (and I mean Harry Doyle "Juuust a bit outside" chance) that noted Jesus freak Kurt Warner and his three Super Bowl appearances might return to the Arizona Cardinals for a 17th season of pro football.



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If you saw the main event for the Strikeforce Evolution telecast on Showtime last night, you enjoyed what might be one of the great MMA comebacks of the year, if not of all time.



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New NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith has asked Tony Dungy to serve as a liason between the players and the league, proving once again that you can always get a job if you have a strong work ethic and hate gays.

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