The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil

E-40 Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Droop-E – “Catch A Fade” Video

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For his latest video E-40 enlists the help of his West Coast homie Kendrick Lamar and real-life son Droop-E to bring to life his latest single "Catch A Fade," from one of the three volumes of The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil.


Droop-E Feat. Kendrick Lamar – “Rossi Wine” Video

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When you're amongst friends, beautiful women and clouds of chronic smoke, the alcohol sloshing around your red, plastic cup can tend to be somewhat irrelevant.

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The Smoking Section & Hall Of Fame Present Gilbere Forte’ – EYES of VERITAS (Hosted by Don Cannon)

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<a href=""> Over the last few months, chunks of virtue have been the staple of Gilbere Forte'. Since the release of <a href="">his critically acclaimed</a> 87 Dreams, he’s only progressed further.


Droop-E Feat. TJ & Work Dirty – “Hungry” Video

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<a href=""> I betcha didn't know Droop-E uses his stomach rumblings for drum patterns in his MPC. That's how focused and starved the Bay Area's young prince's work ethic is these days. "Hungry but we're gonna win" is what Sade says. <a href="">BLVCK Diamond Life</a> is what Droop-E claims.


The Week That Was: The Can’t Wait Edition!

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<a href=""> -- <a href="">Gucci Mane and Lil B</a> are riding the carousel of fame.

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TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Droop-E

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Clout and credibility seems to be something of secondary importance these days, however when earned, it can serve as an unequivocal testament to one's caliber of an artist.


Droop-E – BLVCK Diamond Life

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<a href=""> Even with the impressive first step that was "<a href="">Loaded</a>," I totally forgot all about Droop-E's Sade-inspired EP wasn't too far from the initial visual.


Droop-E Gets “Loaded” For Sade

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<a href=""> I'm such a Sade Adu stan that I immediately get to side-eyeing whenever notions of "tribute" projects in her name are brought up. I thought her <a href="">last album</a> was a pap smear on her legacy and I'd rather listen to lesser-known songs from Promise than roughly 86% of new R&B.

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