Dub-Step Kung Fu Steampunk movie looks… good?


Before I watched this trailer for Tai Chi Zero, if you'd asked me if I wanted to see a steampunk kung fu movie aurally wallpapered in dub-step music (that's the stuff that sounds like computer farts, for us older folks), I'd say no, that sounds like a nerd focus-group f*cking nightmare.


Who And What The Hell Is Skrillex?


Just like Kreayshawn, Lana Del Rey, Odd Future and a few others before him, oddly coiffed DJ Skrillex has seemingly come out of no where, propelled by the internet, to suddenly be all over the goddamn place.

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Open Thread: What’s up with the dub-step Red Tails trailer?


A lot of people told me about this new Red Tails commercial, but I rarely watch commercials because I have a DVR and don't live in a cave watching network TV over the air while I cook hunks of coon meat on a fire made of bear poop.

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