Chimps, Women, and Dwarf-Tossing, the Wolf of Wall Street has a Trailer


Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street just dropped a trailer, and dare I say it, Leonardo DiCaprio is dangerously close to being forever typecast as the fabulously wealthy playboy with a private fleet of yachts, women, and money.


Peter Dinklage name-dropped a dwarf-tossing victim at Golden Globes


When Peter Dinklage collected his well-deserved Golden Globe for his work on Game of Thrones, after taking the stage (I still say he should've walked along the tops of everyone's heads like Crocodile Dundee), he mentioned "a gentleman in England I’m thinking about, Martin Henderson.


Colbert: Florida Legalizing Drawf Tossing Would Create Jobs, Stimulate The Economy


As you may know, Republicans across the land have been calling for regulations on just about everything to be rolled back to pre-labor movement level, a move they believe would help to stimulate the economy (In response to this, there's a rather funny bumper sticker floating around inspired by a Washington Post op-ed that reads, "Repeal the 20th Century.

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