Colbert: Florida Legalizing Drawf Tossing Would Create Jobs, Stimulate The Economy

10.18.11 3 Comments

As you may know, Republicans across the land have been calling for regulations on just about everything to be rolled back to pre-labor movement level, a move they believe would help to stimulate the economy (In response to this, there’s a rather funny bumper sticker floating around inspired by a Washington Post op-ed that reads, “Repeal the 20th Century!”) One such example of this is the effort in Florida to repeal a law banning dwarf tossing, a “sport” that’s been examined in-depth by our jock-y brothers at With Leather.

The politician leading the charge, a GOP state representative named Ritch Workman, argues that if little people want to allow themselves to be paid to get tossed into walls at drunken frat parties, the government shouldn’t prevent them from doing so. So of course, OF COURSE, Stephen Colbert is 100% behind this. The rather hysterical clip on this from his show last night is after the jump. Once again, thank you Florida for giving the rest of the South a dipsh*t cousin to mock and ridicule.

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