Drive-Thru Funeral

Family and friends celebrated the life of David S.


Japanese Marshmallow Eating Contest

A very unique (and highly entertaining) marshmallow eating contest, courtesy of Japanese variety show Gaki No Tsukai.


Baby Eats Banana While Sleeping

That must be one boring banana.


Gluttonous Puppy Loses Self Control

Who knew overeating could be so adorable.


Women Labeled ‘Fat Girls’ on Restaurant Receipt

Some restaurant checks are more painful than others.


The International Banana Museum

The largest collection of banana paraphernalia in the world sits on the side of Highway 111 in Mecca, CA.


Cereal Killers

Captain Crunch, Lucky, and the Trix Rabbit team up to take down the Quaker, a psychotic health nut bent on global cereal domination.


How to Eat Corn in 10 Seconds

People are in such a hurry these days.


Hostess Tribute Cake Eating Challenge

Professional eater Furious Pete creates a Hostess Tribute Cake and tries to eat the 10,000-calorie treat one sitting.


How to Make Twinkies

Hostess going bankrupt shouldn't stop you from enjoying your favorite cream-filled treat -- learn to make your own Twinkies with this quick tutorial.


Guy Fieri Eating in Reverse

They had enough trouble with his American Kitchen & Bar, so god only knows what the New York Times will make of this.


Kale or be Kaled

The trendy, pretentious, durable leafy green has many uses -- some more fatal than others.


Cupcake Roulette

It's just like Russian Roulette, but with food and less deaths.


Fox Loves Marshmallows

This fox loves marshmallows so much that, given an entire bag to snack on, he buries some to eat later.


Mini Pancakes

The latest track from upbeat songmaker Parry Gripp is all about tiny pancakes.


How to Sip Soda Like a Gentleman

Ever have trouble sipping soda through a straw without looking like you're air kissing a ghost.


Pocket Like It’s Hot

Snoop Dogg/Lion rephrases his song "Drop It Like It's Hot" to push Hot Pockets, with help from Andy Milonakis, DeStorm Power, Brodus Clay, and Herbie Hot Pockets.


Sleepy Twins Can’t Finish Lunch

After a long morning playing in the pool and building sand castles on the beach, these twins cannot seem to stay awake during lunch.


Babies Tasting Lemons For the First Time

Nearly four full minutes of babies getting their first taste of lemon.


How to Eat a Cupcake Like a Gentleman

You've been doing it wrong this whole time.

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