University of Connecticut

Kemba Doin’ Work

When the highlights of past Big East Championships run on ESPN and SNY, they are dominated by theatrics from Ray Allen, Allen Iverson, Ben Gordon and Gerry McNamara.

Tyrese Rice

Still waiting by the phone…


Every year, in every draft, there's a player or two or four who falls farther than expected.


70 Minutes of Greatness


This morning on New York sports radio, they were debating whether or not last night's UConn/Syracuse epic 6-OT game was the greatest sporting event ever held at Madison Square Garden.


The best college game of the decade, and the Spurs Can’t Handle Kobe


We're not even gonna lie, though, none of us really watched much of the second NBA game last night (Cavs/Suns) -- those who weren't at MSG for the UConn/Syracuse Big East tourney game were glued to the TV watching it.

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