That Time Gunnar Nelson Submitted All of EVE Online


It's an hours-worth of video game nerds vs. Gunnar Nelson in an MMA exhibition. Who ya got?


CCP Games Hires UFC Fighter Gunnar Nelson To Beat Up Its Employees


CCP Games has an unusual idea of "employee motivation," which involves Gunnar Nelson beating the crap out of you.

yet another eve online fraud

So, “EVE Online” Is Just Basically a Fraud Simulator?

As you may know, EVE Online has an economy that's entirely player-run: banks, trading, the whole nine yards.

#video games

Wanna See a Video of Nerds Burning $15,000?

EVE Online has an odd status among MMOs; it sounds like an Objectivist science fiction novel, but it's actually an MMO with a player-driven economy.

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