Gilbere Forte’ – “Die For You” Video x “My City To Your City”


<a href=""> Photo By <a href="">Rated Rook Productions</a> In unlikely collaboration news, I have the unique opportunity to mention Gilbere Forte, Lex Luger and the 2005 film Memoirs of a Geisha in the same sentence.

Philadelphia Freshman

Gilbere Forte’ – “Born In ’87” Video

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<a href=""> Let's see here. In 1987, Reaganomics were a way of life, Whitney Houston was a Goody Two-Shoes and most avid sports fans took the phrase "Lakers vs. Celtics" for granted. It is also the year our chosen one of the second, <a href="">Gilbere Forte'</a>, was sent into this earth where he would later set his Eyes of Veritas on the music world.

We Got Now

The Smoking Section & Hall Of Fame Present Gilbere Forte’ – EYES of VERITAS (Hosted by Don Cannon)

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<a href=""> Over the last few months, chunks of virtue have been the staple of Gilbere Forte'. Since the release of <a href="">his critically acclaimed</a> 87 Dreams, he’s only progressed further.


Gilbere Forte’ – “Train Lights” (Prod. By Bink!)

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<a href=""> Listening to <a href="">Gilbere</a> rap, there's always a feeling that his thoughts would be better served if he were a traditional orator or the words received in full strength if he were a poet.


Gilbere Forte’ – “Born In ’87” (Prod. By Don Cannon)

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<a href=""> The saying goes that a journey of a million miles begins with one step. In the case of Gilbere Forte’ it all began with a dream deferred. The then newcomer's 87 Dreams grabbed the attention of many and set the bar for Gil's next move. Now with “Born In '87,” the Philly transplant’s visions emphatically explode on the mic, bringing him one step closer to that dream reaching fruition. The track serves as a pretty vicious warning shot to listeners & competitors alike, as Gilbere' further cements his foothold among those on the cusp of Hip-Hop's next wave, taking a mere few minutes to address the questions of his origin, publicizes the industry chatter and the co-signs surrounding his name. Going for a sustained burn rather than a quick burst, "Born..." serves as the first leak for Forte’s upcoming Eyes of Veritas mixtape, which will feature all original material, and guest appearances and production from a wide array of noteworthy friends. The tape will be hosted by brotherly love brethren Don Cannon and co-sponsored by TSS and <a href="">Hall Of Fame</a>.

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