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Farrah Abraham Has An 'Erotic Romance' Series Coming Out And Here's The Cover Art For The First Book

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Farrah Abraham is back with "erotic romance" about her fake sex tapes, because Teen Mom is a flat circle.


'Teen Mom' Stars Don't Want 'Teen Mom' Porn Star Farrah Abraham To Be In The Reunion

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Some 'Teen Moms' don't want Farrah Abraham joining them in an upcoming 'Teen Mom' reunion. Probably because of that music video. Maybe.

music videos

Farrah Abraham’s New Song ‘BLOWIN’ Is Everything You’d Expect From A Teen Mom Porn Star

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'Teen Mom' turned porn star Farrah Abraham has released a pop song entitled 'BLOWIN' and it's going to make you question everything.


'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Has Taken A Vow Of Celibacy Because Of Course She Has

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'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham has taken a vow of celibacy because her Doctor told her to. Or something.

cease and desist

'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Hit With Legal Letter By Vivid. This Should End Well.

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'Teen Mom' and sex tape star Farrah claims she was drugged and raped while promoting her sex tapes. So take that with a boulder of salt.

sex tapes

Vivid Offers ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham One Million Dollars To Pass A Polygraph Because Of Course

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Everybody's favorite 'Teen Mom' pornstar is getting an offer of one million dollars to tell the truth. Maury! Maury!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

10 Celebrities With Porn Backgrounds Who Prove There Could Be Hope For Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

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Farrah Abraham would be wise to seek the advice of Sly Stallone, Jackie Chan, Cameron Diaz, and the others on this list.

farrah abraham

Farrah Abraham Still Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Sex Tape And A Porno

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Farrah Abraham didn't film a sex tape. She was the star of a porno.


So Farrah Abraham Is Writing A ‘Christian Parenting Book’

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Sex tape star Farrah Abraham is writing a Christian parenting book to go with her Backdoor Teen Mom DVDs and line of custom sex toys.


Shocking News That Will Shock: Former ‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Feels Sex Tape Ruined Her Life

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The Farrah Abraham sex tape saga continues as the former reality star claims her life was ruined by the decision.


Nice Farrah Abraham Headline, TMZ

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Farrah Superstar: <a href="" target="_blank">Backdoor Teen Mom</a> star and <a href="" target="_blank">avid squirter</a> Farrah Abraham went on a walk with a boy recently.


Report claims Farrah only made $10 grand for Backdoor Teen Mom, not $1 million

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A new report from <a href="" target="_blank">Fox411</a> says that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham made only $10,000 for having squirting anal with James Deen in Backdoor Teen Mom, not the "<a href="" target="_blank">nearly $1 million</a>" claimed by Vivid and reported by TMZ.


Comments of the Week: Dildo Fire Edition

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After a brief hiatus, Comments of the Week are back.


Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Gives Great Interviews

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Porn and feminism have always had a complicated relationship.


Comments of the Week: Florida’s Finest

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It's a trashy edition of CotW, which is appropriate because the winner gets a dead hawk.


Farrah Abraham got kicked out of rehab for fighting with Tan Mom because Florida.

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Okay, I know you guys probably think this story's too tabloidy for FilmDrunk, but I can't help but be invested in this Farrah Abraham saga.

farrah abraham

Teen Mom Farrah Goes to Rehab, Still Trying to Sneak into Fame from Behind

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I find this Farrah Abraham story endlessly entertaining, because every time Hollywood tries to do a send up of "celebrity culture" it's either misguided <a href="" target="_blank">(I'm Still Here</a>) or dull (<a href="" target="_blank">The Bling Ring</a>), yet in the persona of Teen Mom Farrah, we have this perfect, fun-house mirror reflection of fame.

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