Farrah Abraham Was Reportedly Accused Of Filming A Sex Tape Without Her Partner’s Consent

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Like flies to a turd, Teen Mom and Backdoor Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is once again attracting drama, this time over a reported sex tape which she allegedly filmed without her partner’s consent. Jonathan Lee Riches, a man claiming to be the real father of Abraham’s daughter Sophia, filed a request for a temporary restraining order back on March 14 of this year.

In the papers Riches claimed that during a tryst with Abraham at an Iowa Holiday Inn in 2012 (that part sounds right, anyway), he was filmed without his knowledge or consent, and that he’s now being blackmailed to the tune of $1,000 per month for her not to leak the tape.

Unfortunately for Riches, the rest of it sounds like the ramblings of an insane person who filed the documents by smearing his own sh*t on the wall.

“I was actually filmed without my consent by her and now Abraham is selling this illegal tape to the Adult Entertainment Industry for millions of dollars,” he claimed in the documents.

“I am the true father of her daughter Sophia and though I committed pedophile acts by getting Farrah Abraham pregnant when she was a teenager, I was only acting on the advice of my mentor Josh Duggar.”

I don’t know if it was the part about a Farrah Abraham sex tape selling for “millions of dollars” or the Duggars being dragged into it, but a judge dismissed the case shortly after on March 21. For her part, Abraham says, “This makes no sense and is not true clearly. Everyone knows who Sophia’s dad is.”

Farrah Abraham’s relationship with “reality” may be cloudy at best, but it looks like she wins this round.

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