Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Is Apprenticing Under A Plastic Surgeon

Farrah Abraham (who seems very nice), who, after riding her reality stardom to gigs as porn actress, Christian parenting author, and stripper, last told E! News back in March that she was hoping to “get my doctorate and do plastic surgery.” Lofty goals for a lady who, when asked if she was a feminist, responded “What does that mean, like you’re lesbian or something?”

But according to TMZ, she’s at least pursuing her dream seriously enough that she has obtained some kind of apprenticeship, shadowing a plastic surgeon in Miami this Summer.

The former “Teen Mom” star — who told us last week about this new career goal — will be sitting in on various cosmetic procedures with her new mentor, Dr. Sergio Alvarez. [Whose specialties pretty much run the gamut of what you’d imagine for a plastic surgeon, from facelifts and rhinoplasty to implants, butt lifts, and facial fillers.]

Dr. Alvarez tells TMZ Farrah will shadow him this summer at his Miami medical office.

Hmm, I mean, I think you still have to, like, go to medical school and stuff before you can officially become a surgeon. Regardless, the apprenticeship is a win-win all around. Dr. Sergio Alvarez immediately shoots to the number one search result for “Miami plastic surgeon” (something plastic surgeons pay a premium for) for free, and Farrah Abraham scores herself a future letter of recommendation for Backdoor Teen Medical School.

At the very least, it sounds a lot more fun than being my intern. Isn’t that right, Professor Fluffikins. *dances around coffee table, farts on cat*