Holy NSFW: Farrah Abraham’s New Frozen Yogurt Website Has Already Been Hacked

OK, we’re going to speed through things so just try to keep up with me here: this story quickly evolved from “Haha, Hey You Guys, Farrah Abraham Is Opening A Frozen Yogurt Restaurant” to “HOLY SH*T, Farrah Abraham’s Website Has Already Been Hacked With Tons Of Peens Going Into Buttholes.”

Anyway, Farrah Abraham is opening a frozen yogurt restaurant in Austin called Froco and has some nonsense YouTube video where she talks about it. This is what Froco’s website apparently used to say, according to The Fishwrapper:

The founder Farrah Abraham is recognized nationally for her success in entertainment as well being a wonderful mother to her daughter Sophia who at age 5 has helped every step of the way in creating a lovable, positive, passionate and educational mascot for Froco, “Coba” The popping boba, who you may put on your frozen yogurt and feel a pop of passion and positivity every time you visit Froco.

This is what it looks like now:

Here’s the VERY NSFW link to the website. I have to warn you that unless you are employed in the kind of working environment that’s cool with hardcore porno. If you click on some of the other links on the page, some of them take you to lorem ipsum text paragraphs and some take you to more anal. It’s kind of like an anal Easter egg hunt!

More news to follow as it breaks.