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Are You Ready To Have Guy Fieri’s Line Of Flavortown Roast Coffees ‘Stuffed Into Your Mug’?

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Not gonna lie, the official descriptions of these are kind of a letdown. I expect more out of you, Guy.

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Guy Fieri Won A Prestigious Burger-Cooking Competition With His 22-Ingredient Mac-N-Cheese Burger

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In what can only be viewed as a sign of the coming apocalypse, Guy Fieri beat out a number of actual renowned chefs in a burger cooking competition.


Guy Fieri Didn’t Register The Obvious Web Address For His NYC Restaurant, So The Internet Did It For Him

By | 38 Comments

Guy Fieri didn't register the most obvious URL for Guy's American Kitchen and Bar, so programmer Bryan Mytko registered it and posted a hilarious menu.


Will Guy Fieri Use Boxes Or Bags To Destroy Wine As We Know It?

By | 53 Comments

Guy Fieri, whose best friends are named Gorilla, Kleetus, and Dirty P, recently bought a pinot noir vineyard in Sonoma County, California. God help us all.

culinary abominations

The Reviews Are In And Guy Fieri’s S’mores Pizza Is Predictably Terrible

By | 59 Comments

In his ongoing effort to terrorize America's tastebuds, Guy Fieri is distributing new food abominations like S'mores pizza across the land.

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