Playaz Circle

Playaz Circle Feat. Lil Wayne & Birdman – “Big Dawg (Remix)” Video

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Shame on the aggin who continues to sleep on PC's latest musical stride.


Pillow Talk 2K9: The Most Slept-On Hip-Hop Albums Of 2009

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This 2009 Slept-On list covers the gamut of artists in the Hip-Hop realm.

Playaz Circle

Playaz Circle – “Hold Up” Video

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If you hit the snooze button on Flight 360: The Takeoff, it's time to take it off of auto-pilot and get hip.

Tity Boi

“Welcome Aboard” – Review Of Playaz Circle’s Flight 360: The Takeoff

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As explicit as the brandish on the sobriquet reads, Ludacris' Disturbing The Peace label isn't making much noise these days.

Playaz Circle

Playaz Circle Feat. Bobby Valentino – “Can’t Remember” Video

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Hate to say it but those duffle bag boys are the only ones still rapping with any conviction over at DTP.

Playaz Circle

Playaz Circle Feat. Ludacris – “Gettin’ Rich” Video

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Jeez Louise, usually I can tolerate a Playaz Circle song because the beats knock.

Playaz Circle

Playaz Circle – “Look What I Got” Video

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Nothing but car show going on, especially the old schools.

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