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bernie goldberg

Bernard Goldberg Brought Some Much-Needed Sanity To Fox News' 'Duck Dynasty'/1st Amendment Freakout Fest

By | 67 Comments

Someone needed to inject some sanity into the Fox News drum-beating over Phil Robertson's suspension. Enter Bernie Goldberg.

bloviating bloviators

Bill O’Reilly: Megyn Kelly Was Right About Santa Claus Being White

By | 35 Comments

Well you didn't think Bill O'Reilly was just gonna sit back and let Megyn Kelly soak up all the War on Christmas controversy for herself, did you?

daily show

Jon Stewart Called Bullsh*t On Megyn Kelly’s Claim That Her ‘Santa Claus Is White’ Rant Was Just A Joke

By | 27 Comments

Friday night on her show, Megyn Kelly claimed that her "Santa is white" rant was all a joke. Jon Stewart calls bullsh*t.


Megyn Kelly Addresses Her Santa Controversy By Putting Away The Race Card And Pulling The Comedy Card

By | 79 Comments

Megyn Kelly took to the air Friday to respond to critics over her controversial Santa comments, and Jesus wept.


Check Out Jimmy Kimmel’s Fox News-Style Re-Imagining Of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’

By | 2 Comments

Enter Jimmy Kimmel last night with his own take on how just how far Fox News has taken the ridiculousness.

jessica williams

‘The Daily Show’ Emphatically Rejects The Latest ‘War On Christmas’ Tantrums From Fox News

By | 65 Comments

The network has really cranked up its defense of the little underdog holiday that could (creep all the way into October).

santa news

Fox News Host Megyn Kelly To America’s Children: Santa Claus Is White, And So Was Jesus

By | 167 Comments

Just so we're clear, Megyn Kelly wants you to know that it's "a verifiable fact" that Jesus and Santa are white. Got it? Good.

homeless for the holidays

Colbert Supports Fox News’ Anti-Charity Push Because That’s What Jesus Would Do

By | 78 Comments

Bill O'Reilly claims that Jesus would not approve of government assistance for the poor. Stephen Colbert naturally backs him on this.


Fox News Has Kicked Off Its Annual War On Christmas And The ‘Daily Show’ Is On It

By | 91 Comments

Like clockwork, Fox News has kicked off its annual "War on Christmas" coverage. Thankfully, the Daily Show is around to make fun of it.

mike huckabee

Joe Mande & Noah Garfinkel Tell Pete Holmes About Getting Really High And Going To A Fox News Show Taping

By | 8 Comments

If you're going to attend a taping of Mike Huckabee's Fox News show, you should probably get really high to get through it.


Glenn Beck Brandished A Rifle During An Interview With Bill O’Reilly Last Night

By | 34 Comments

Glenn Beck is still out there doing Glenn Beck things, you guys. Here he is on Bill O'Reilly's show last night.

assume the physician

The Ridiculous Fox News Medical Team Finally Got The ‘Daily Show’ Treatment Last Night

By | 34 Comments

For some time I've been wondering when someone would make hay about the ridiculous Fox News medical team. The Daily Show finally did last night.


Colbert Sets Up Twitter Account Offering ‘Real Human Praise’ For Fox News

By | 3 Comments

Stephen Colbert is sympathetic to Fox News' PR spin efforts, so he set up a bot Twitter account to help the fine folks at Fox.

daily show

Jon Stewart Gave Fox News Another Musical ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ Last Night

By | 16 Comments

Once again aided by a gospel choir, Jon Stewart delivered a message to Fox News last night: "Go f*ck yourself."


Sleazy Fox News PR Staff Duped A Reporter Into Writing A Fake Story So Fox Could Discredit Him

By | 23 Comments

An illustration of the lengths that Fox News will go to discredit someone for merely reporting that Fox News' ratings had slumped a bit.

propaganda machines

Book: Fox News PR People Used Fake Commenter Accounts To Combat Negative Coverage On Websites

By | 39 Comments

That pro-Fox News commenter in the thread? He or she may just be a Fox News PR person in disguise.


‘The Walking Dead’ Is Brainwashing Innocent Americans, Claims Fox News Doctor

By | 38 Comments

The America you grew up with is gone, thanks to "The Walking Dead."


Sarah Palin Is Making Less Sense Now Than Ever, If That’s Even Possible

By | 74 Comments

This jibberish-filled serving of Sarah Palin word soup right here is so next level that it defies Tina Fey parody.


Stephen Colbert’s Attempt To Top The Fox News Deck Had So Many Violent Repurcussions

By | 4 Comments

Stephen Colbert attempted to exceed the absurdity of The Fox News Deck with series of doomed upgrades to his own studio.

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