Starlito – “Money Cacti” Video


Starlito lets his mind and words flow freely on "Money Cacti.


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"They really hate me bad, Cause a n*gga really on, really make you mad When I pull up in a slab that'll make you sad But if I was doing bad that would make you glad I just wanna bag, make that cash, stack it up Keith Sweat, make that last, Like Too Short, gotta make that fast, So I'm headed to the bank, gotta make that path, Get a little bread, boy switch on a n*gga Run to the laws, go snitch on a n*gga Try to set'cha up, put a bitch on a n*gga Price on ya head, put a hit on a n*gga Jealousy and envy, y'all boys sinnin' Grown ass men, actin' like women Being fake cool, y'all n*ggas winnin' Fucking up the game, ain't no mo' innings Hate to see me ball like Jennings And I keep a bad b*tch laying on my linen While you n*ggas frownin' a real n*gga grinnin' Somewhere with a sack, goin' in, spinnin' Y'all need help, God bless you n*ggas Hatin' on me won't bless you n*gga Crazy all my life, really stress you n*gga But it ain't my job to impress you n*gga No ambition, no hustle, no grind Ray-Ban n*ggas trying to block my shine Steal a n*gga watch, trying to stop my time So I show no mercy when I cock that iron Hole in ya head, I'm killin' these n*ggas Ain't nobody real really feelin' these n*ggas Face all twisted, grillin' me n*gga Here's a Colt.

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