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Here’s Your Guide To The Comic-Con 2014 TV Panels That Matter

By | 7 Comments

A guide to the biggest television-related panels at Comic-Con 2014.

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Hear The Queen’s Guard In London Play The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme Song

By | 2 Comments

Ah, finally a cover of the "Game of Thrones" theme song that reminds me of regicide.

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Sean Bean Confirms ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Theory About The Lineage Of Jon Snow

By | 37 Comments

Sean Bean is a clear supporter of a very popular 'Game of Thrones' fan theory.

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Someone Created A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Sigil For All 50 States

By | 40 Comments

These should be the new flags for all 50 states. Yes, EVEN Hawaii.

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An Oscar Nominee Is Rumored To Be Joining The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast

By | 12 Comments

"Game of Thrones" may cast an Oscar nominee to play a Sand Snake.


The Fastest Rising Name For Baby Boys In 2014? Hint: It’s In The Danger Zone.

By | 132 Comments

Nameberry has released its Top 100 baby names for boys and girls through the halfway point of 2014, and pop culture is running wild.

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It’s Easy To Be Drunk On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Wine All The Time

By | 23 Comments

Get drunk like a Lannister with this "Game of Thrones" wine.


Somebody Drew The Entire Cast Of ‘Family Guy’ As ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters

By | 16 Comments

Ever wondered what 'Game of Thrones' would look like the in the style of 'Family Guy'? Wonder no more!

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Peter Dinklage’s ‘Destiny’ Voicework Is So Bad It’s Being Replaced

By | 13 Comments

Peter Dinklage lends his voice to 'Destiny'. Surprisingly, that's not a good thing.

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This Is What ‘Game Of Thrones’ Would Look Like If It Happened In The ’80s And Was Taped On VHS

By | 16 Comments

This video finally answers the burning question on your mind: What if 'Game of Thrones' was in the '80s?

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Stream ‘Em If You Got ‘Em: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming – June 26

By | 26 Comments

Laremy has your rundown of the week's best new movies on Netflix Instant and streaming, for the week of June 26, 2014.

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That ‘Game Of Thrones’ Scene You’ve Been Waiting For? It Ain’t Happening.

By | 92 Comments

Don't expect to see Lady Stoneheart on "Game of Thrones" any time soon. Or ever.

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