Von Pea

HiPNOTT Records Presents: The Executive Suite Mixtape

If you're staring at an upcoming commute or flight, take comfort in knowing that the folks over at HiPNOTT Records, DJBooth and The Well Veresed have kept your headphones in mind with their Executive Suite compilation.


Gods’illa – “Sal’s Pizzeria” Video

Put some extra mozzarella on that motherf*cker and shit.

Sean Price

Gods’illa Feat. Sean Price – “Saviours & Punishers” Video

Gods'illa and Sean Price used their time together at A3C to film a video for the Joe D-produced record "Saviours & Punishers." Chop N Shoot Films was Johnny on the spot behind the camera for the clip, compiling performance footage with straightforward rhyming.

Sean Price

Gods’Illa Feat. Sean Price – “Saviours & Punishers”


"Back to that Timberland rap, so tie your hoodies up.

The CPR: Blendtape

Gods’Illa – CPR: The Blend Tape (Hosted By DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu)


What started as a conversation and CD exchange at last year's A3C Festival in Atlanta culminates in us presenting Gods'Illa's CPR: The Blend Tape today.

The CPR: Blendtape

Gods’illa – “Sal’s Pizzeria”


In a few short weeks, the The CPR: Blendtape will be delivered courtesy of Gods'illa, the trio comprised of three actual brothers Acem Eternal Mind, God Allah Truth & Powerful Rasheem Mathematics.

Up and Up Presents... Gods'illa: The Album

Gods’illa – “Glaciers” Video


I don't know anything about Gods'illa. Good ol' Langston direct deposited the video via email and the only real informational tidbit he gave was that the clip is directed by 6ix Shoota, the same guy behind Raheem's dirty tape.

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