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Fun With NFL Mixology


LaDainian Tomlinson's Green Goddess starts with Macallan scotch that's been aged as long as he's been in the league.

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The New York Times Peter King-Themed Crossword Puzzle Commemorative Peter King-Themed Crossword Puzzle


Over the weekend, we were flooded with emails, texts, telegrams, and letters sent via Pony Express that made us aware of Sunday's New York Times crossword puzzle, which was built around Peter King's request in his column -- the one that is occasionally about football -- that he be in a New York Times crossword puzzle.

Unsilent Majority

Everything’s Crappier in Three Dimensions


You have probably heard that this week the NFL will take their next step three dimensional experimentation when they screen the Oakland-San Diego game in a special theater for select broadcasting partners and various tech nerds.

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KSK Exklusive: Player Costumes Revealed!


After the Roy Williams surprise at the Lions' Halloween party earlier in the week, we didn't want to be caught on the hop about what other players were doing.

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