The Quest For H1GHER Learning: Using Sports & Sneakers To Create A Better Tomorrow

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Using sports and kicks as the gateway to reaching the larger goal.

We Are The Process

Support 2DopeBoyz, H1GHER LEARNING & The Process

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Consider the following bits of information PSA's and our way of showing support to other sites we like and love the fact they're taking part of their online energy and using it for good offline.


The Importance Of H1GHER LEARNING

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<a href=""> Aside from sneakers & stickers, I get quite a few other items in the mail daily and I like to share as many of them as possible, either on here or via social networking. Presentation is key to making whatever you're advertising stick out and it looks like my good pal KJ over @ <a href="">H1GHER LEARNING</a> understands that clearly.

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