What’s New In Television On Netflix This Week: Only The Best Comic-Book Series On TV (Redux)

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The latest additions, expirations, and news pertaining to Netflix's TV catalogue.


Let’s Take A Moment To Honor The Shows We Know The Emmys Won’t Ever Celebrate

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There won't be many surprises when the Emmy nominations are announced, but we could shake things up by giving out some special honors.


Important Mini-Horse News: Lil Sebastian Is Alive! Kind Of!

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Okay, nobody freak out or anything, but the mini-horse that played Lil Sebastian on "Parks & Recreation" will appear on "Hart of Dixie."

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McKayla Maroney And Rachel Bilson Will Be Unimpressed Together On ‘Hart Of Dixie’

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McKayla Maroney will guest star on the upcoming season of "Hart of Dixie," where she and Rachel Bilson will presumably make stink faces at people for an hour.


Summer Roberts Will Rock Your Pap Smear

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Look: I watch Rachel Bilson's "Hart of Dixie," but that shouldn't be taken as an endorsement.


What’s On Tonight: Not A Lot

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Dancing with the Stars (ABC) - Now that Kristin Cavallari and Elisabetta Canalis have been voted off, I assume viewers of this show will go back to their usual Monday night plans of hiding in the bushes outside fitness centers and throwing ham at yoga instructors.

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Three Different Kinds of Awful

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Last week I posted brief synopses of the four new shows that the CW is adding to its schedule next year, and while I thought they sounded terrible, I didn't realize they'd be THIS awful.


Here’s the New 2011-12 CW Schedule, For Some Reason

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The CW unveiled its new fall schedule, which I will share with you because it's important to know what shows you're never going to watch.

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Pretty Actresses Still Finding Work

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It's pilot season, which means that actors are getting cast in shows that may or may not make the air at a much faster rate than I can possibly keep track of.

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