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The Designer Of The Banned-In-Australia ‘Hotline Miami 2′ Tells Aussies To ‘Just Pirate It’

'Hotline Miami 2' is banned in down under, and Australians have the permission of the game's designer to do what must be done to play it.

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‘Hotline Miami 2′ Has Been Banned In Australia For Graphic Sexual Violence


'Hotline Miami 2' is hitting the shock button a little to hard for the Aussies.

hotline miami 2: wrong number

‘Hotline Miami 2′ Is Gory And Hard As Nails In New Gameplay Footage

'Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number' promises to be even more gory, creepy, and violent than the first game. Hooray!


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week


It's that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, some cute, and some awesome.

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'Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number' Teaser Brings The Creepy


'Hotline Miami 2' looks every bit as cuddly and gentle as its predecessor. Which is to say, not a damn bit.


Amazon’s New Indie Games Shop: The Five Best Deals


Amazon is rolling out a new indie games shop... and they've got plenty of deals to celebrate.

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‘Hotline Miami’ Coming To PS3 And PS Vita This Spring


'Hotline Miami' is ridiculously gory and will mess with your head, and now the top-down actioner is coming to the PS3.

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Star Wars Into Darkness, Downton Abbey Of Thrones, And Other Mashups

Featured mashup videos of the week, including two takes on JJ Abrams directing 'Star Wars', classic games destroyed by 'Hotline Miami', 'Downton Abbey' plus 'Game Of Thrones', and a cute 'Portal 2' video.


‘Dragon’s Dogma’, And Three Other Great Games You May Have Missed In 2012


Some of the best games of 2012 needed a better advertising campaign. Here are four worth checking out.


The Best And Worst Of Geek Culture 2012 (Part 1)


Some of the best and worst things about being a geek, nerd and/or poindexter in 2012...

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Five Indie Games You Need To Try

Indie games are becoming more prominent. Here are five of the best we've played recently.

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