Watch Lead Designer John Romero And His Still-Beautiful Hair Play Through The Original ‘Doom’

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Learn about the creation of 'Doom' from the magnificently-maned John Romero.

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15 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About ‘Wolfenstein 3D’

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Here's a few things you might not know about 'Wolfenstein 3D', the first FPS that really mattered.

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Did The Creator Of Doom Steal The Tech For The Oculus Rift? Zenimax Media Thinks So.

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Did John Carmack steal the technology for the Oculus Rift? Well, it's complicated...


Video: Get Blake Griffin In RAGE

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<a href=""> The NBA's 2011 Rookie of the Year possesses the personality of a potato so the inevitable product endorsements are liable to be hit or miss. Luckily for the nerd team developers of RAGE, Blake Griffin lets the tiger out and gets loose for the commercial all because he wants to be in the freakin' game. Too bad his agent failed to tell him that simulation shooter and sports games aren't one in the same. Visit <a href=""></a> for more information.

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