Watch Improv Everywhere Bring Spider-Man To Real Life New York

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Improv Everywhere brought Spider-Man to real life, as he jumped off a 20 story building, swung to the street, and saved Mary Jane from being kidnapped.


Watch Kids Re-Create ‘A Christmas Story’ On New York City Subway

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Young kids reenact 'A Christmas Story's' iconic scene on a NYC train.


Improv Everywhere’s ‘Spartacus’ Starbucks Prank Is Pretty Great

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The folks from Improv Everywhere took over a local Starbucks with this rather humorous 'Spartacus' prank.


The Least-Intimidating Gandalf Is In Central Park For Improv Everywhere


Improv Everywhere recreates another movie scene in New York City. This time a Paul Giamatti-esque version of Gandalf wishes people would stop passing.


Improv Everywhere Set Up The ‘Indiana Jones’ Boulder Chase Scene In Central Park


Improv Everywhere recreated the boulder chase scene from 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark' in New York City's Central Park. Sure, why not?


The Mini-Golf Open


In one of their best outings this year, Improv Everywhere agents team up with ESPN to transform a mini-golf course full of kiddies into a major championship — complete with caddies, color commentary, and the actual Claret Jug from the British Open.

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Storm Troopers on a Subway Train

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Improv Everywhere's latest stunt involved dressing up like Storm Troopers (.

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Improv Everywhere’s Ghostbusters stunt at NYPL

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Improv Everywhere are famous for their occasionally funny stunts (see also: spontaneous musicals, no pants subway ride) that generally involve getting strangers to pay attention to them.

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