Paulina Gretzky Covered ‘Picture’ By Kid Rock In The Least Cool Paulina Gretzky Moment Ever


Do you like Kid Rock? Do you like beautiful model millionaires? Here's Paulina Gretzky covering 'Picture' by Kid Rock for some reason.


A Love Song For Taylor Swift And Her New Kitten Named After A ‘Law & Order’ Character

By | 7 Comments

Taylor Swift shared a photo of her new kitten named for a 'Law & Order: SVU' character, so here's a song about their eventual breakup.


Kim Kardashian’s New Video Game Is Everything You’d Expect And Less

By | 8 Comments

Kim Kardashian sold her name, image and boring voice for her own video game that allows users to compete for her fashion approval.


50 Cent Responded To The Critics Of His Disastrous First Pitch In A Way Only 50 Cent Could

By | 7 Comments

50 Cent decided to address his critics before he signed his contract with the New York Mets.


Scout Willis Took Topless Photos Around NYC To Protest Instagram’s Anti-Nipple Policy

By | 32 Comments

Scout Willis is single-handedly taking on the issue of not being able to show your nipples on Instagram.


Rick Ross Promotes His Mixtape With New Face Tattoo

By | 21 Comments

One can never say Rick Ross doesn't stay in character.


Kevin Smith Reveals ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Batsuit Color And More (Plus A Set Photo)

By | 29 Comments

Kevin Smith leaked more details about 'Batman Vs. Superman', and we have a new set photo of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman).


Here’s A Closer Look At Gal Gadot On The ‘Batman Vs Superman’ Set

By | 15 Comments

Here's a close-up picture of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) on the Michigan set of 'Batman vs. Superman'.


Let’s Take A Long, Thorough Look At Alex Morgan’s Golf Swing

By | 6 Comments

Soccer fox Alex Morgan posted an Instagram video of her golf swing (and of her dancing), so you should probably check that out.


‘Batman Vs Superman’ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Give A Good Look At The Batmobile

By | 7 Comments

We have two behind-the-scenes photos offering the best look yet at the overall design of the new Batmobile in 'Batman vs. Superman'.

#dave grohl

Mastodon Calls Out Dave Grohl For Making ‘Rock N Roll Safer’

By | 31 Comments

Either Mastodon vs. Dave Grohl is the rock feud we've been waiting for, or someone's having a laugh.


James Franco Finally Emerges To Discuss His Odd And Sometimes Provocative Instagram Antics

By | 5 Comments

James Franco finally steps out of the shadows to face questions about his odd use of Instagram and his smelly fingers.


Madonna Posted A Barely Censored Picture Of Her Boobs To Instagram In A Rejected Met Ball Costume

By | 14 Comments

Madonna wants attention again, so she posted a very NSFW photo of what was supposedly a rejected Met Ball costume to Instagram.


James Franco Posted A Naked Selfie On Instagram Which Was Quickly Removed

By | 29 Comments

James Franco posted a naked selfie to Instagram early Friday morning because art? Who the hell knows.

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