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Is World-Famous Instagram Butt Star Jen Selter On Her Way To Being The Next Big Thing In Fitness?

By | 15 Comments

Instagram Butt Star Jen Selter could be the next big fitness star on TV. Because of course.


The Woman With The World-Famous Instagram Butt Gives Rare Video Interview

By | 26 Comments

What's it like to have Instagram's most famous butt? Ask Jen Selter.


Let’s Take A Long, Thorough Look At Paulina Gretzky’s Golf Swing

By | 13 Comments

Video update: Paulina Gretzky has used "being Dustin Johnson's fiancée" to develop a pretty outstanding golf swing. Also, she's wearing running clothes?


Drunk Neil Patrick Harris Is The Best Neil Patrick Harris

By | 9 Comments

Neil Patrick Harris didn't listen when they told him not toeat the worm and we got this hilarious photo set on Instagram. Enjoy!


Anna Kendrick And Aubrey Plaza Took A Spontaneous Trip To Mexico. Here’s The Instagram Evidence.

By | 20 Comments

Hard evidence that Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza really are the BFFs of BFFS.


This Woman’s Butt Has Nearly 1.5 Million Instagram Followers

By | 29 Comments

Nearly a million and a half people follow Jen Selter on Instagram. We can't imagine why...


Here’s Your First Look At The New Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane In His ‘Game Of Thrones’ Armor

By | 26 Comments

The 6'9" World's Strongest Man competitor just shared the first image of him on set in full GOT battle armor.


The First Post On The Official ‘Star Wars’ Tumblr Page Is Absolutely Perfect

By | 3 Comments

The official 'Star Wars' Tumblr account debuted today, and like its Instagram account, it had the perfect first post.

think pieces

This Hysterical Instagram Comment Is The Only Thing You Need To Read About Beyonce’s New Album Today

By | 36 Comments

Much will be written about Beyonce in the coming days. Here's the one think piece you absolutely must read.


Twitter And Instagram Now Let You DM Photos To Your Friends

By | 6 Comments

Instagram and Twitter are muscling in on Snapchat's turf.


Roy Hibbert Has A Serious Case Of John Cena Elbow

By | 6 Comments

Indiana Pacers C Roy Hibbert Instagrammed pictures of his "fat elbow," and it looks just like the one that kept John Cena off WWE TV for two months.

darth vader

The ‘Star Wars’ Instagram Account Debuted Today With The Best Possible Photo

By | 3 Comments

The official Star Wars Instagram account debuted today with Darth Vader posing for a selfie.


Oversharing Users Helped Instagram Have The Best Holiday Ever


Did you share your Thanksgiving or Hanukkah celebrations on Instagram? Well you helped set another usage record while annoying your family.


A Mad Internet Genius Made A Website That Automatically Puts Nicolas Cage’s Face On Instagram Selfies


It's like the movie FACE/OFF, except John Travolta's role is played by all the world's narcissists.


New Study Finds That Instagram Users Tend To Like Photographs That Are Not So Great

By | 3 Comments

Instagram users like it when their pictures are badly taken outside. Seriously.

celebrity selfies

James Franco Doesn’t Appreciate Being Stuck On A Plane At LAX Because Of A Shootout

By | 27 Comments

Are America's celebs like James Franco the real victims of the LAX shootings today?


These Pics Of Bryan Cranston Snuggling The Infamous Pink Teddy Bear Dressed Up Like Marie Are Everything

By | 9 Comments

Last night Aaron Paul posted a Bryan Cranston photo set above to Instagram. We approve.

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