Mastodon Calls Out Dave Grohl For Making ‘Rock N Roll Safer’

By | 31 Comments

Either Mastodon vs. Dave Grohl is the rock feud we've been waiting for, or someone's having a laugh.

james franco

James Franco Finally Emerges To Discuss His Odd And Sometimes Provocative Instagram Antics

By | 5 Comments

James Franco finally steps out of the shadows to face questions about his odd use of Instagram and his smelly fingers.


Madonna Posted A Barely Censored Picture Of Her Boobs To Instagram In A Rejected Met Ball Costume

By | 14 Comments

Madonna wants attention again, so she posted a very NSFW photo of what was supposedly a rejected Met Ball costume to Instagram.

james franco

James Franco Posted A Naked Selfie On Instagram Which Was Quickly Removed

By | 29 Comments

James Franco posted a naked selfie to Instagram early Friday morning because art? Who the hell knows.


January Jones Is The Anti-Betty On Her Charming Instagram

By | 20 Comments

January Jones is the exact opposite of Betty Draper on Instagram.


Snoop Dogg To Donald Sterling: ‘F*ck You…You Racist Piece Of Sh*t’

By | 29 Comments

Snoop Dogg has some strong, very accurate words for Donald Sterling.


You’ll Never Believe Who Instagram’s Fastest Rising Star Is… Spoiler: It’s A Pig

By | 3 Comments

Started as a fun project between teen siblings, the Instagram account of a pig named Penny is becoming a huge favorite.


Meme Watch: Cats Make The Best Musical Instruments Thanks To #Catband

By | 3 Comments

People are using their cats as musical instruments then posting the confused little fluffballs on Instagram's #Catband for our amusement.

40 glocc

An Epic Rap Battle Is Playing Out On Instagram Because That’s The New Stage

By | 4 Comments

A new rap battle is occurring on Instagram. This is something that happens now.

james franco

James Franco Is Being Scolded By That Instagram Girl’s 84-Year-Old Grandmother

By | 11 Comments

The Grandmother of the 17-year-old girl that James Franco perved out to online has some choice words for the star.

james franco

James Franco Maybe, Kind Of Tried To Hook Up With A Teenage Girl On Instagram

By | 52 Comments

It was a romance for the ages: James Franco and some random girl on Instagram.

The Latest Instagram Trend: Taking Sweaty Selfies #AfterSex

By | 23 Comments

Teens today are showing they just had sex by Instagramming about it.


Chris Evans Passes The Torch To Michael B. Jordan For 'Fantastic Four'

By | 7 Comments

Chris Evans comments on Michael B. Jordan taking over the Johnny Storm role in the 'Fantastic Four' reboot, and Jordan posts an interesting Instagram photo.


Nick Cannon In Whiteface Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Out Of

By | 51 Comments

Nick Cannon is possibly the most awkward and unfunny person on the face of the earth.


Justin Bieber Wants You To Know That He's Basically James Dean Now

By | 21 Comments

Justin Bieber wants to be James Dean now. I don't know about you, but I can barely tell them apart!

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