Chris Brown Was Kicked Out Of Rehab Only To Come Out And Get Arrested

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Chris Brown threw a tantrum in rehab and violated his parole. L.A. is safe...for now.

#Jay Z

Just When You Thought Gwyneth Paltrow Couldn't Possibly Be Any More Ridiculous…

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Last weekend, 9/11 hero/white affluence performance artist Gwyneth Paltrow nourished her inner aspect by taking in a Kanye West and Jay-Z Watch The Throne concert in Paris, France.


Your Daily Reminder That Chris Brown Is Still The Worst

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We've had a couple reminders lately that Chris Brown is the absolute worst, like the stuff he tweeted after the Grammys and the rumor about his sexy new pick up line, and now we have another reason to cast a side eye at Team Breezy.

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