Maino Is The Toughest Uncle In The World

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You know you're on to something when you make a storied rap career just by being yourself.


Video: Charles Discharged

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In a shocking turn of an events, everybody's favorite Pink Ranger, Charles Hamilton, takes the B-Rabbit approach and pours his own poison to build some immunity to criticism with a series of self-inflicted low blows, written by Jeff & Eric.


Video: “Re-Up Harangue”

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Guess who's bizack.

#Jay Z

Video: “From MSGs To MSGents”

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By now, I'm sure everyone's heard about Jay-Z accomplishing the unbelievable (as in yeah right) by selling out Madison Square Garden in a minute.


Video: “2 Fast, 2 Furious”

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The Rosenthals have been on grind mode for the past 730 days and they've put together a *star studded video to pat themselves on the back for their efforts.


Video: “I Date You So Much Right Now”


This topic dominated the Alchemist review and now Jeff, Eric and estranged brother Dan (they exiled him to Cleveland) poke fun at the Jones' child support extortion case.

Vlad TV

Video: “Best I Ever Vlad”

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I-T-R is running this vlog shit.


Video: The Slaughterhouse Rules

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I gotta admit I was hesitant to push play on the video above.

soulja boy

Video: ItsThe Real: Wack In The Day

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I'm posting this for positve reinforcement.


Video: Letters To Fam

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If Jeff didn't write that, you can bet your bank account that 500K Flea did.


Video: “Pushing Buddens”

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Not to be confused with the Saigon jab.


“TMZ You In Hell…” Feat. Nick Cannon

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If you've been paying attention to the Smoke Break, you would've known this one was on the bubble.

What's Beef?

The Food Fighters…

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ItsTheReal takes it to the streets and the people have spoken Ross and 50.

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