Maino Is The Toughest Uncle In The World

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You know you're on to something when you make a storied rap career just by being yourself.

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Jay Electronica Feat. Jay-Z & The-Dream – “Shiny Suit Theory”

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<a href=""> While most artists tend to hate being pressured by label-induced deadlines, this may be just what the doctor prescribed for Jay Electronica. After <a href="">his sudden announcement</a> yesterday, the man who hurt Diddy’s delicate feelings is putting hip-hop on notice once again, this time by featuring new labelmate Dr.


Video: “The Doctor Who Cried Detox”

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<a href=""> Aesop rocked but if he rapped, this would be the story he would tell to the kids at the campfire. As hilarious (and ridiculous) some of <a href="">Jeff & Eric's</a> fables may be, they always manage to prove a point.


Def Jam Vendetta: Shyne Vs. 50 Cent

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<a href=""> Hey L.A. Reid! You know <a href="">how else</a> we know Shyne is garbage.


Video: Charles Discharged

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In a shocking turn of an events, everybody's favorite Pink Ranger, Charles Hamilton, takes the <a href="">B-Rabbit</a> approach and pours his own poison to build some immunity to criticism with a series of self-inflicted low blows, written by Jeff & Eric.


Video: “Re-Up Harangue”

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Guess who's bizack.

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Video: “From MSGs To MSGents”

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By now, I'm sure everyone's heard about Jay-Z accomplishing the unbelievable (as in yeah right) by selling out Madison Square Garden in a minute.


Video: “2 Fast, 2 Furious”

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The Rosenthals have been on grind mode for the past 730 days and they've put together a *star studded video to pat themselves on the back for their efforts.


Video: “I Date You So Much Right Now”


This topic dominated <a href="">the Alchemist review</a> and now Jeff, Eric and estranged brother Dan (they exiled him to Cleveland) poke fun at the Jones' child support extortion case.

Vlad TV

Video: “Best I Ever Vlad”

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<a href="">I-T-R</a> is running this vlog shit.


Video: The Slaughterhouse Rules

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I gotta admit I was hesitant to push play on the video above.

soulja boy

Video: ItsThe Real: Wack In The Day

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I'm posting this for positve reinforcement.


Video: Letters To Fam

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If Jeff didn't write that, you can bet your bank account that 500K Flea did.


Video: “Pushing Buddens”

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Not to be confused with the <a href="">Saigon jab</a>.


“TMZ You In Hell…” Feat. Nick Cannon

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If you've been paying attention to the <a href="">Smoke Break</a>, you would've known this one was on the bubble.

What's Beef?

The Food Fighters…

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<a href="">ItsTheReal</a> takes it to the streets and the people have spoken Ross and 50.

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