J. Pinder – “All That Fire” Video

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<a href=""> Mobb Deep may have ruined the game for a lot of cats. Choosing to back down or access a situation with your brain first doesn't make you shook in the slightest. You win some. You lose some. But you live to fight another day. Those are words from the wise. Those are words from Pops from Friday. One time for the kids who have the nerve to think about it before it happens. J. Pinder is using his Code Red 2.0 and beat from <a href="">Jake One</a> to educate the masses.

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J. Pinder – “Upside Down” Video

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<a href=""> The Hall Of Justus is always on the move, pulling a caper or two. And while the head Dogs are away on business, there is bound to be a pup back at the kennel, preparing for his solo strike. Up next to flip the script on some country rap tunes is J. Pinder---who appears to be a savant for versatility. Drawing energy from his live band is how he traces his outline while his canvas of abstract poetry brings the dimensions to fruition, as evidenced by his "Upside Down" exhibit. But his personality is what brings the entire gallery color. And just like that, you have been formally introduced with Mr. Pinder. Produced by Frank Dukes (of East Coast rap preserver fame) and directed by self-proclaimed aspiring, emo, avant-garde filmmaker <a href="">Jon Jon</a>, this is only a decimal of what's to come for J.

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