Jeán P – “Naima Flip”


It's safe to say that P is back.

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Jeán P – “Large In the Streets (330 Anthem)”


<a href=""> I have a weird affinity with Canton, Ohio, which is odd considering I grew up in Columbus. Granted, my entire family still populates the area from Massillon to North Canton, so I guess it’s not that strange. I still keep close tabs on happenings in the area and I remain steadfastly proud of anyone who breaks out. Although, much like any deteriorating rust-belt town, you’d be hard-pressed to continually find celebrated exports from the city that produced the NFL, The O'Jays, a plethora of professional athletes and—I guess—Marilyn Manson and Macy Gray. However, keeping the recent footprints of Tiger Town and Creative Control new boy, <a href="">Stalley</a>, fresh, Jeán P aims to be the next MC to make the upper Ohio relevant once more with his new song, “Large In The Streets (330 Anthem).

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His Life As Jeán

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Unless you’re Will Smith or Chamillionaire, chances are you’re practicing profanity in your lyrics.

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