A Half-Century Of ‘Doctor Who,’ Summed Up In One Graphic

By | 8 Comments

Check out a visual representation of 50 years of "Doctor Who."

peter jackson

Peter Jackson Wants To Direct ‘Doctor Who’

By | 16 Comments

When you’ve been in this blog game since the 1940s like I have, you get a lot of people telling you how “You just have to watch this.


Here’s Something We Love: The ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special Trailer

By | 15 Comments

The trailer for the 'Snowmen,' the Doctor Who Christmas special that will introduce Claire Oswin as the Doctor's new companion.

Steven Moffat

Doctor Who Gets a New Companion, Amy Pond Fans Recreate 'Mad Men' Posters

By | 20 Comments

If you're a "Doctor Who" fan, first of all, congratulations and thank for admitting so on Warming Glow.

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