A Half-Century Of ‘Doctor Who,’ Summed Up In One Graphic

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03.29.13 8 Comments

Doctor Who is probably the toughest show to break into on TV today, with the exception of Rules of Engagement, though that’s for entirely different reasons. The BBC series has been on for 50 years, gone through 11 doctors and dozens of companions, is extremely British, and what’s all this then, guvnah? The current Doctor, Matt Smith, will return for the second half of his third season, and the show’s 34th overall, tomorrow night, the tea and crumpets before the main meal of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, because the British.

In honor of the premiere, the Guardian put together a helpful graphic that sums up a half-century of all things Who.

The whole thing’s too massive to embed here, but it can be downloaded at the source. And here’s our visual representation of the United Kingdom.

That’s all they’ve given us, really, and we’re so thankful for it.

(Via The Guardian)

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