#LeBron James

Golf, Basketball & A Racial Double Standard

Filled with equal doses of ignorance and curiosity about the game of golf, yesterday I tuned in to catch the final, crucial holes of the Ryder Cup.


Jim Furyk DQ’d For Oversleeping, Throws Cell Phone Under the Bus


Everybody's had those Rip Van Winkle days when we fade off to sleep forgetting to recharge our phone batteries and wake up to the realization that the Turkish immigrants you hired to dust your house for two bucks an hour have been banging on the screen door for almost half the day.


Ryder Cup! Catch the Fever!

Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk won their first match in Ryder Cup play, but those shifty Europeans have taken an early lead over our beloved Yanks in IrelaZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZSorry, I must have nodded off there.

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