NBA Fantasy Team Analysis: The Toronto Raptors

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Let's be blunt: the Toronto Raptors are a sorry bunch, in real life and in fantasy terms.


Joey Dorsey baptizes Earl Clark

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While the Phoenix Suns are largely being written off as serious contenders now that Amar'e Stoudemire is gone, the fact that they have an '09 Lottery pick who could potentially replace STAT has been overlooked.


Great Day for Dirk

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For at least two of this summer's marquee free agents, there wasn't really a question of where they'd end up.


“Improbable to the Nth Degree!”

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A whole lot of things didn't make sense about last night's Grizzlies/Hornets game.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Fantasy Analysis: T-Mac to NYC, Nate to Boston, Tyrus to Charlotte and More

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Tracy McGrady is finally a Knick, Nate Robinson is a Celtic and Tyrus Thomas has transformed from a sulky Bull into a brooding Bobcat.


Breaking News: T-Mac To New York, K-Mart To Houston, Landry To Sacramento (Updated)

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So much for the Knicks not being able to land Tracy McGrady's expiring contract, according to's Marc Stein, the Rockets, Kings and Knicks have agreed to terms that will expand the Houston-Sacramento deal into a three-way trade that lands Tracy McGrady and Sergio Rodriguez in New York, Kevin Martin, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries and Hilton Armstrong in Houston and Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey and Larry Hughes in Sacramento.


Vegas Summer League wraps up, plus more hatred for LeBron

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As much as we make summer league about the rookies, this year's Vegas version was stocked with young "vets" whose play could be a sign of big things to come when the real games start.


Another Vegas explosion, and Paul Millsap is staying in Utah

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Whatever you hear coming out of Las Vegas today, don't believe Anthony Morrow if he says he wasn't gunning to break teammate Anthony Randolph's summer-league scoring record.

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