A Ton Of Famous People Will Be Providing Voices For A Movie About Animal Crackers


A new movie about a magical box of animal crackers will feature the voices of Kaley Cuoco, John Krasinski, Ian McKellan, and more.


Kaley Cuoco Says Her ‘Redbook’ Comments About Feminism Were ‘Taken Out Of Context’

By | 21 Comments

Kaley Cuoco is apologizing for her remarks on why she doesn't consider herself a feminist, but we're still not sure she gets it.


Kaley Cuoco Says She’s Not A Feminist And Likes ‘Serving’ Her Husband

By | 62 Comments

Kaley Cuoco has some interesting opinions when it comes to feminism and marriage.

#UPROXX Trivia

UPROXX Trivia: How Big Is Your Brain When It Comes To ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

By | 132 Comments

Test your knowledge of the hit CBS series 'The Big Bang Theory' with our latest UPROXX Trivia challenge.


Kaley Cuoco Opened Up About Her Nude Photo Leak And That ‘Topless’ Instagram Picture

By | 30 Comments

The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco talked to Jimmy Kimmel Live about her nude photo leaking, and the Instagram prank she responded with.


Check Out Sheldon’s Bulge And The Season Preview For ‘The Big Bang Theory’

By | 20 Comments

The Season 8 preview for 'The Big Bang Theory' is finally here, so rejoice or whatever it is that happy nerds do.

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Kaley Cuoco Responds To The Nude Photo Leaks With A ‘NSFW’ Instagram Pic

By | 50 Comments

Kaley Cuoco had a beautiful response to the nude photo leak on her Instagram account.


Who Did The Ice Bucket Challenge Better: Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco or Nina Dobrev?

By | 30 Comments

Looks like Kaley Cuoco let the money get to her head because her Ice Bucket Challenge was only so-so in comparison to Nina Dobrev's.


Here’s Why The Cast Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Was Actually Underpaid

By | 46 Comments

"The Big Bang Theory" cast could have held out for even more money. Here's why.

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Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco And Jim Parsons Have Signed $90 Million Deals To Return To ‘The Big Bang Theory’

By | 109 Comments

The long, national nightmare is over, and the stars of 'The Big Bang Theory' have reportedly received their huge new deals.


The ‘Big Bang Theory’ Negotiations Now Have A Deadline, And There’s No Way A Deal Will Get Done In Time

By | 104 Comments

The Big Bang Theory contract negotiations have an official deadline, and the sides are nowhere close to a deal.


A Guide To The Great American Pastime Of Celebrities Dressing As Princess Leia

By | 21 Comments

Today we pay tribute to the many, many female celebrities that have dressed as Princess Leia to pander to all of us 'Star Wars' geeks and nerds.

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With Leather’s Watch This: ‘LeBroning’ Is Not New, But It’s Still Pretty Great

By | 2 Comments

High school kids have brought back last year's 'LeBroning' meme, as flopping on Vine has become a new hallway game.


There Were So, So, SO Many Stars At The U.S. Open This Weekend

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From Justin Timberlake to Sean Connery, the celebrities were out in full force to watch Rafael Nadal defeat Novak Djokovic at the U.S. Open.

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Welcome To ‘Fat Hollywood’, Deviant ART’s Huge Obsession With Obese Actresses

By | 34 Comments

If I’ve learned anything in all of these years on this crazy spinning rock, it’s that the Internet is a place of many, many, many, many (a million times more) different tastes, and rather than try to understand them all, I should just accept most of them.


The Woman Who Eats Cat Fur And 7 More Awesome Internet Finds From UPROXX Readers

By | 10 Comments

Another series of Internet finds from our awesome readers, plus a video of a woman who eats cat fur. Yum.


Wish Granted (Toyota Super Bowl Commercial)


Toyota's RAV4 commercial for the 2013 Super Bowl features Kaley Cuoco as a modern genie.

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