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Let’s Help V Magazine Answer Why Kate Upton Can’t Keep Her Clothes On

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V Magazine asked a question that has stumped exactly no one for precisely no amount of years: “Why Can’t Kate Upton Keep Her Clothes On?”

Andy Murray

10 Sports People Who Sported This Year In Sports The Sportiest Of 2013

By | 15 Comments

A lot of people played sports in 2013, but these sports players were the best at making awesome sports photos and other such sports things.

Cameron Diaz

Slow Motion Footage of Kate Upton’s Boobs Bouncing in the Trailer for Somethingorother

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Here's a movie trailer that has some stuff in it and also slow-motion footage of Kate Upton's boobs bouncing while she jogs.


Who Will Be The Female Lead In ‘Entourage’? Kate Upton, Maybe

By | 17 Comments

According to an unconfirmed report, Kate Upton might be up for the female lead in the Entourage movie.


Bros, Kate Upton And Her Big Jugs Are Gonna Be In The ‘Entourage’ Movie

By | 15 Comments

Kate Upton might be in the "Entourage" movie, delighting bros everywhere.

sports illustrated

Do You Want To Watch Kate Upton Get Her Body Painted? Of Course You Do.

By | 17 Comments

Kate Upton, body paint, and swimsuits: why haven't you already clicked?


BREAKING: Kate Upton Attended The Melbourne Cup, Wore A Stupid Hat

By | 11 Comments

While Fiorente was busy making history as the winning horse of the 2013 Melbourne Cup, Kate Upton was in attendance, doing something important probably.

magazine covers

With Leather’s Watch This: Kate Upton And Arnold Palmer Share The Cover Of Golf Digest

By | 2 Comments

Kate Upton and Arnold Palmer cozy up on the cover of this month's Golf Digest.


These Giant Kate Upton Heads Were Supposed To Mess With Justin Verlander

By | 9 Comments

Some Oakland Athletics fans used giant Kate Upton head cutouts to heckle Justin Verlander, but it did not work at all.

snoop lion

‘You Got What I Eat’: Kate Upton And Snoop Dogg Parodied Biz Markie For Hot Pockets

By | 7 Comments

Hot Pockets put Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg in a video to promote their product because... well, because they understand how the Internet works


Damn It, Kate Upton Is Making Us Cheer For The Atlanta Braves Now

By | 13 Comments

Kate Upton joins Atlanta Braves stars Justin and BJ Upton on the cover of the newest issue of Sports Illustrated.

Please Enjoy Kate Upton Owning Jimmy Fallon In A Game Of Flip Cup

By | 24 Comments

What you're witnessing is sheer drink and flip ability.


Kate Upton Destroys Jimmy Fallon In Flip Cup


Jimmy Fallon challenges Kate Upton to a game of flip cup.


Kate Upton Was The Star Of The U.S. Open

By | 7 Comments

If you’re anything like me, you were completely oblivious to this weekend’s U.


Kate Upton Is The 2013 Model Of The Year

By | 15 Comments

Supermodel Kate Upton will be named the 2013 Model of the Year at tomorrow night's Annual Style Awards at Fashion Week.

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A Habitat For Humanity Chapter In Florida Wants You To Make Videos Asking Kate Upton For Help


The Habitat for Humanity chapter in Brevard County, Florida is asking people to make videos to convince Kate Upton to attend their charity gala.


Actual Daily Caller Slideshow: ’11 Whiteys Who Give Us Bulgers’

By | 9 Comments

Sadly, Kate Upton somehow got dragged into this Whitey Bulger mess by the Daily Caller. The internet can be a terrible place sometimes.


Wait, What: Being On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated Made Kate Upton Hate Herself

By | 41 Comments

Kate Upton has appeared on <a href="" target="_blank">back to back</a> <a href="" target="_blank">covers of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue</a> because she is what people with blood in their bodies picture when they hear "woman who looks great in a swimsuit.

blurred lines

Clear Lines: 12 Reasons Why Emily Ratajkowski Is 2013's Kate Upton

By | 72 Comments

Emily Ratajkowski, the model in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" music video, might be 2013's answer to Kate Upton, and we're totally OK with that.

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