sarah sprague

Sports Illustrated Football’s Greatest: KSK Book Club Review


Sports Illustrated Football's Greatest, by its own admission, is an educated barroom discussion of what makes up the best.

sarah sprague

Goose: The Outrageous Life and Times of a Football Guy – KSK Book Club Review


There is a section early on in Will Leitch's God Save The Fan that asserts that if the average fan had a chance to get to know a professional athlete on their favorite team, there is a good chance they wouldn't have anything in common and they probably wouldn't like each other too much.

take your PoFlaWa and stuff it up your ass

KSK Book Klub: Where Men Win Glory


In the end, Pat Tillman died for the sake of a broken Humvee.

michael irvin is an attempted murderer

KSK Book Klub: Boys Will Be Boys (Featuring More Of Charles Haley’s Penis)


Best-selling author and liberal Jew from New York Jeff Pearlman has a new book on the 1990s Cowboys that comes out today (Buy it here).

whoring the books of others

KSK Book Klub: A Few Seconds Of Panic


As I’ve said before, I’m not really much of a reader.

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