Kyle Lucas – “Worth It” Video x ‘Always Sunny In Marietta 2′ Mixtape

In between touring with his band Vonnegutt and working on album material, Kyle Lucas manages to stay pretty busy.


Kyle Lucas – “Don’t F*ck With My Money (Bitch, I’m Broke)”


"So, I gotta little cash when I signed my contract, that was four years back and my lawyers took half" Sometimes, we just assume that an MC gets paid, simply because they're making the viral rounds and hanging with our heroes.


Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite – “I’m Only A Little Crazy, Baby (Haunting Me)” Video

Some guys take break ups harder than others and in Kyle Lucas' extremely creepy new video for "I'm Only a Little Crazy, Baby (Haunting Me)," it's clear he can latch on quite quick.


Corey Mo & Trakksounds Feat. Killer Mike, Rittz, Lil Scrappy, Pill, Scotty, I-20, Kyle Lucas, Slimm Cutta Calhoun & More – “Atlanta Smokers Only”

After bringing H-Town's toughest lungs together for the last installment in his "Smokers Only" series, producer TrakkSounds has teamed his fellow Texan Corey Mo and CountryRapTunes to roll one up for the ATL.

STS (Sugar Tongue Slim)

STS – GOLDRush II Mixtape


If you were wondering where the hell STS went, have no fear, his long-awaited Gold Rush II is here.


Kyle Lucas – “Coffee Break”


Presently cracked out of my mind on coffee, I'm having a difficult time fathoming how stupendous it is that Kyle Lucas is able to combine coffee and Hip-Hop, a couple of my favorite things.

Purple Ribbon Records

Kyle Lucas – “Cut Me Down”

Let's face it, there are plenty of reasons why Kyle Lucas is humming his new tune, "Cut Me Down.


Kyle Lucas – “The Funeral Freestyle” Video

All self-respecting MCs have probably tried to tackle the infamous "Funeral" beat whether on a mixtape or just for sh*ts and giggles and who is Kyle Lucas to screw with tradition.

Rock N Rolla Mixtape

Free Sol Feat. Outasight, Kyle Lucas & 8Ball – “Before You Slip”


Starting off your track with a Jim Morrison intro is typically a good way to go. Like Jigga did on his "Takeover," upcoming Tennessee foursome Free Sol decided to draw inspiration from the always unconventional Doors for their new track "Before You Slip.

Young Scolla

SMKA – The 808 Experiment Vol. 2 Mixtape


They gave you some hydro harmony with Aleon Craft and hit home with Yelwolf.

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