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Did You Know That As Many As 75 ‘Mad Men’ Characters Were Mo-Capped Into The Video Game ‘L.A. Noire’?


As many as 75 actors from 'Mad Men' also appear in the video game, 'L.A. Noire'

Statik Selektah

Sample Check: Joey Bada$$’s “FromdaTomb”


Joey Bada$$ and Pro-Era are a crew of kids with rap ears way beyond their years.


Power Up: The Top 14 Video Games Of 2011


2011 was the year of dragon slaying, V12 engines, chilling murder mysteries and good 'ol 'shrooms.

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The Nitpicks: “L.A. Noire”


Like a lot of people, or at least the ones who aren't having the game overheat their PS3s due to the huge amount of data it takes to keep the game running, I've been playing the crap out of "L.

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L.A. Noire Is On How Many Discs Again?

Rockstar, as we all know, doesn't screw around when it comes to game size.

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Rising Through The Ranks Of L.A. Noire

Rockstar Games and Team Bondi have released another gameplay video for L.

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L.A. Noire: Movie or Game?

You might remember that "L.

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L.A. Noire Still Looks Amazing


Rockstar Games and Team Bondi have posted a new gameplay video for L.

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Rockstar Finding New Depths In Uncanny Valley

Hey, remember when facial animations wouldn't ruin a game.

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