10 Better Ways Of Spending The $10,000 Jezebel Paid For Untouched Lena Dunham Photos

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Jezebel paid $10,000 for photos of Lena Dunham. That is a waste of money.


The 5 Most Voice Of A Generation-y Lines Presented Completely Out Of Context From Last Night’s ‘Girls’

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Find out what sort of mind-bending things Hannah, Marnie, Ray, David Mamet's daughter, that rape-y hipster dude, etc. said on 'Girls' this week!


A Response To The Journalist Who Asked Lena Dunham Why She’s Naked So Much On ‘Girls’

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My response to the journalist who asked Lena Dunham why she's naked so much in Girls and then couldn't figure out why Judd Apatow got mad.


Things Got Awkward When A Reporter Asked Lena Dunham Why She’s Always Naked

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"Girls" is back, so it's time to talk about Lena Dunham getting naked. AGAIN.


Lena Dunham Confesses To Letterman About Her Unhealthy Love For Gloria Estefan

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Lena Dunham stopped by 'The Late Show' to talk 'Girls' and prove that she loves Gloria Estefan more than you.

#shia labeouf

When Shia LaBeouf And Lena Dunham Argue On Twitter, No One Wins

By | 35 Comments

Shia LaBeouf manages to rip-off Gucci Mane in his Twitter feud with Lena Dunham.


Lena Dunham’s Aggression Against Paella Will Not Stand, Man

By | 89 Comments

Lena Dunham has essentially declared war on paella. Lena Dunham must be stopped.


The ‘Girls’ Season Three Trailer You’ve All Been Waiting For Is Here

By | 24 Comments

If you liked Girls in the past, you'll probably like this. If you hated Girls in the past, you'll probably hate this.


Norm Macdonald Spent The Morning Trolling Lena Dunham And Judd Apatow On Twitter

By | 42 Comments

For some reason, Norm Macdonald decided to respond to Lena Dunham. We're glad he did.


Ladies, The Minnesota Timberwolves Know What You Want: DVDs Of The 1st Season Of ‘Girls’

By | 10 Comments

On Nov. 16, the Minnesota Timberwolves are giving away the first season of HBO's 'Girls' on DVD as part of the 'Ladies Night Out' promotion.


The ‘Girls’ Porn Parody Has A Trailer Now

By | 38 Comments

Despite the fact that Lena Dunham was not pleased with the initial news, Hustler's Girls porn parody is still happening and has a trailer now.


A Writer’s Assistant On HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ Wrote Some Really Creepy Lena Dunham Fan Fiction

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The fan fiction is called 'Lena Dunham's D*ck - m4w - 26 (L train),' and you don't want to read it. Trust me.


Here’s 19-Year-Old Lena Dunham’s Letter To A Sex Columnist About Still Being A Virgin

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Lena Dunham wrote to Time Out New York in 2005 about being a virgin. Here's the letter.


Lena Dunham Is Totally Grossed Out That A ‘Girls’ Porn Parody Exists

By | 209 Comments

So there's a 'Girls' porn parody in the works and Len Dunham is not pleased by it. Go figure.


If You Would Like To Live With Awful People, Some Brooklynites Have A ‘Girls’ Living Experience For You

By | 29 Comments

Are you looking for a place to live? Are you a fan of Lena Dunham's celebrated but crappy HBO show, Girls? Well have we got the "living experience" for you!


Christopher Abbott Quit ‘Girls’ After ‘Butting Heads’ With Lena Dunham

By | 37 Comments

"Girls" co-star Christopher Abbott -- "Charlie" on the show -- unexpectedly quit after disagreeing with creator Lena Dunham over its direction.


‘I’m Just Too Smart': The 10 Worst Things Lena Dunham’s Hannah Said On ‘Girls’ This Season

By | 62 Comments

The worst things Lena Dunham's Hannah uttered on HBO's "Girls" this season.


Well, ‘Girls’ Has Locked Up 2013’s ‘Most Uncomfortable TV Sex Scene’ Award

By | 35 Comments

Adam Driver and Shiri Appleby starred in the will-be winner of 2013's "most awkward TV sex scene," on last night's new episode of "Girls."


'Lena Dunham' Auditions For 'Zero Dark Thirty' (And The Morning Links)

By | 3 Comments

Watch Lena Dunham's audition reel for "Zero Dark Thirty," and the rest of the Morning Links.

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