Amar’e Stoudemire Is Halfway Gone; Kevin Love Set To Play Beach Volleyball

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The league starts and finishes another day of the dreaded lockout today, which saw a glimmer of hope as the NFL rebooted up to normal.


Dwight Howard Wants To Meet Up With Hakeem Olajuwon Again

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After a season that saw him take his game to another level while everyone else around the Orlando organization dropped about four levels, Dwight Howard wants to meet up with Hakeem again.


Vince Carter Wants Some Love

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Vince Carter may realize that his time in Phoenix is pretty much up – how short it was – but he still wants to play ball.


The Next Step for Team USA

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Surprise: Kevin Durant was not among those cut from Team USA when Coach K brought out the axe yesterday.

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Got To Have a J-O-B

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Almost a full month into free agency, and still no home for Shaq, T-Mac and Allen Iverson.

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You Gots To Chill

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Is anybody getting tired of how over-the-top and dramatic some of these writers and other media types have become during the NBA offseason.

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LeBron needs more thinking time; Joe Johnson needs a bigger safe

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Following Day 4 of free agency, this much we do know: Joe Johnson is staying in Atlanta and could now use Chipper Jones' house as a garage if he wanted, Amar'e had a talk with Mike D'Antoni to smooth things over and appears a lock for the Knicks, and LeBron won't make his decision until at least Wednesday.


3 Things the Memphis Grizzlies Have To Do This Summer

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The Grizzlies were one of my favorite teams to watch this season.

Wally Szczerbiak

NBA Free Agents: Who’s Left?

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Even with training camp starting next week, there are still guys out there looking for jobs.

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