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The New Republic Asks The Burning Question: Why Does Everyone Hate Luke Russert?


If you're part of the anti-Luke Russert brigade, you might want to take a Xanaz before reading this.

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Chet Haze, Tom Hanks’ Rapper Son, Releases New Video

With mild fascination, I've been following the rap career of Tom Hanks' son, who goes by the name of Chet Haze.


Amazon Selling The New Lady Gaga Album For 99 Cents Again Today

Lady Gaga, who recently joined forces with Farmville to create "Gagaville," has been everywhere on and off the web this week promoting the sh*t out of her new album, "Born This Way" -- even eating paper on Letterman -- leading Mashable to classify her, accurately, as a "promotional juggernaut." Most notably, Amazon on Monday made the MP3 version "Born This Way" available to download for 99 cents.


Luke Russert Reviews Lady Gaga’s New Album On Twitter, For Some Reason

When we last checked in on NBC News golden child Luke Russert, he was winning the award for the most insufferable royal wedding-related tweet -- quite an achievement in and of itself when you really stop and think about it.


And The Award For The Most Insufferable Royal Wedding Tweet Goes To…


NBC golden child Luke Russert, for this gem, which I think would also make a rather hilarious caption for the photo above: If anything I hope all the young girls of #USA can see what true beauty and elegance is.

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