Luke Russert Reviews Lady Gaga’s New Album On Twitter, For Some Reason

When we last checked in on NBC News golden child Luke Russert, he was winning the award for the most insufferable royal wedding-related tweet — quite an achievement in and of itself when you really stop and think about it. Now Russert — who somehow remains delusionally convinced that he has his job based on merit and that his employment as the Capital Hill correspondent for NBC/MSNBC has absolutely nothing to do with his dead father — is offering up music reviews on Twitter, apparently.

Yes, after Lady Gaga announced last night, on Twitter, that her new album was available for purchase, Russert immediately “spun” it and offered up the following assessment…

FYI, if you make music purchases based on Luke Russert’s reviews just do yourself, and all of us, a favor and just drown yourself in the nearest urinal.

(HT Unsilent)