Florida Friday: Jason Sprott arrested after cops notice weed on his shirt

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Today's Florida Friday didn't make Florida Friday because it's so uniquely Florida, or because it's the most lurid, tragic, or bizarre story we've heard, it made Florida Friday because something about the combination of the mugshot, story, name, and the fact that it took place in "Waldo, Florida" I find endlessly amusing.


Jack In The Box Is Now Appealing Directly To Stoners Its ‘Munchie Meal’

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Not gonna lie, but after seeing these ads I totally want to go to Jack In The Box right this very second and hand them all of my money.


Seattle Cops Handed Out 1,000 Bags Of Doritos To The Stoners At Hempfest

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In an effort to spread awareness about Washington's marijuana laws, Seattle police handed out 1,000 bags of Doritos to people at Hempfest this weekend.


A Toronto Man Tried To Buy Pot On Twitter, Was Mocked By The Police And Lost His Job

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A mechanic in Toronto lost his job at Mr. Lube after he Tweeted for a drug dealer to bring him some pot and the York Police Department responded.


Amanda Bynes Told The Judge That Her Bong Was ‘Just A Vase’

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As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, She’s the Man star <a href="" target="_blank">Amanda Bynes was arrested last night</a> for reckless endangerment, possession of weed and tampering with evidence after the doorman at her New York City apartment building called the cops on her for smoking the chronic in the lobby.


A Butcher In Seattle Is Selling Marijuana-Infused Bacon, Because This Is America

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A Seattle butcher is selling bacon made with meat from pigs that were fed medical marijuana.


Willie Nelson’s ‘The Hobbit 2′ Audition Reel


Willie Nelson has his heart set on playing Gandalf in the The Hobbit 2.


4/20: Three People Shot At Denver 420 Day Rally

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Two people were shot and a third person was grazed by a bullet after a gunman opened fire in the otherwise peaceful crowd at Denver's 420 Day festival.

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4/20: Ad Offers Denver Great Deals On 420 Day Weed

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Despite the fact that the association of marijuana use and 4/20 traces back to some California stoners in the early 70s, people in Colorado love to revel in the fact that their state has long had some of the most lenient recreational marijuana laws in the country.


Celebrate 420 Day With Cats Who Are Undoubtedly Stoned


Tomorrow is 420 Day, which is an exceedingly important holiday for weed lovers. To celebrate, here are 30 cats who are getting chill for this 4/20 season.


Police Chief Recovering After Eating Cake Laced With Marijuana


A police chief in Ohio is recovering after finding a cake laced with marijuana in his own kitchen.


UPROXX Investigates: Is DOGTV Actually Being Marketed To Stoners?

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A hard-hitting investigation into whether DOGTV, the first television channel designed for dogs, is actually for stoners.


Let's Check In With The Local New-… Aaaaaaaand Somebody Made A Toilet Out Of Snow

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Saying "I looked outside and saw the crappy weather and figured it was kind of a pun," art student Jeremy Bena made a toilet of of snow.


Extended Footage Of Addy, The Delightful Driving Test Stoner

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Thanks to a commenter, we now have the outtakes from the news report where delightful stoner Addy took a driving test. She really is the best.


A Seattle News Station Got Three People High And Gave Them A Driving Test, Because Of Journalism

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CBS's Seattle affiliate, KIRO, got three people high as hell and gave them a driving test. Journalism is alive and well.


CNN Conducts Stoned Driving Tests


CNN gets varying degrees of marijuana users high and has them drive on a closed course.


Teacher Etiquette Update: Don’t Smoke Pot Under The Bleachers At A Wrestling Tournament

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On Wendesday, we shared with you the story of a <a href="" target="_blank">Catholic high school baseball coach who pretended to be a lady on Facebook to get naked pictures of his players</a>.

10 GUY

Meme Watch: 10 Dog Is The Newest Addition To The Stoner Dog Pantheon

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"10 Dog" is the newest canine marijuana enthusiast who has emerged to join the august ranks of the stoner dogs. Here are the 25 best examples of the meme.

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Washington State Has Just Announced The Greatest Government Job To Exist

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Sold weed in college? Washington State might be looking for you. No, for a job.


A Christmas Tree That Is Now Legal In Two States (And Afternoon Links)

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Today's afternoon links, featuring a festive IKEA monkey, a marijuana Christmas tree, and Cuban Pete the spider king of the rumba beat.

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