The Best 379 Colleges

Which Of The Princeton Review’s Best Universities Are Smoking The Most Pot?

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As part of the Princeton Review's annual list of 'The Best 379 Colleges,' here are the Top 20 schools with student bodies that love weed.


‘The New York Times’ Just Wants To Get High

By | 16 Comments

The 'Times' puts their foot down on the issue.

modern prohibition

The New York Times Editorial Board Calls For The National Legalization Of Marijuana

By | 9 Comments

In a kind of stunning move, the Old Grey Lady has called on Congress to legalize marijuana.


Everybody Rejoice, Because Spokane’s #1 Stoner Has Gotten His Job Back

By | 3 Comments

A great stride has been made in the civil rights movement of stoners everywhere.


This Poor Stoner Lost His Job After Becoming First To Legally Buy Weed In Spokane, Washington

By | 24 Comments

Does anyone in Spokane, Washington have a job to give to this amazingly enthusiastic stoner?


Obama Laughed It Off When Someone Offered Him Weed In A Denver Colorado Bar

By | 22 Comments

We live in a world now where you can literally be smoking pot in front of the president and offer it to him and he laughs.


Here’s Why Colorado Legalizing Weed Was A Brilliant Move

By | 34 Comments

Weed should be legal everywhere. Colorado is the perfect case study to demonstrate why.


Watch This Extremely High Florida Woman Pull A Houdini To Eat A Whole Bag Of Weed

By | 6 Comments

After she was arrested on charges of DUI and drug possession, a Florida woman escaped her cuffs so she could eat her bag of marijuana.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Face Doesn’t Know What To Do When Confronted With Realities Of Marijuana Use

By | 38 Comments

Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn't appreciate it when Shawn Stuckey made sense this morning about marijuana use in teens.


A Woman Named Peyton Manning Was Arrested For Cocaine Possession

By | 3 Comments

An 18-year old Tennessee woman named Peyton Manning offered up the headline of the day when she was arrested on cocaine and pot charges.


Las Vegas All Set To Become America’s Amstredam

By | 4 Comments

Anyone with a medical marijuana card will be able to enjoy.


Colorado Symphony Orchestra Encourages Audience To Bring Their Own Weed

By | 8 Comments

Now residents of Colorado can be fancy <em>and</em> high at the same damn time.

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