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4/20: Three People Shot At Denver 420 Day Rally

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Two people were shot and a third person was grazed by a bullet after a gunman opened fire in the otherwise peaceful crowd at Denver's 420 Day festival.

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4/20: Ad Offers Denver Great Deals On 420 Day Weed

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Despite the fact that the association of marijuana use and 4/20 traces back to some California stoners in the early 70s, people in Colorado love to revel in the fact that their state has long had some of the most lenient recreational marijuana laws in the country.


Celebrate 420 Day With Cats Who Are Undoubtedly Stoned


Tomorrow is 420 Day, which is an exceedingly important holiday for weed lovers. To celebrate, here are 30 cats who are getting chill for this 4/20 season.


Police Chief Recovering After Eating Cake Laced With Marijuana


A police chief in Ohio is recovering after finding a cake laced with marijuana in his own kitchen.


UPROXX Investigates: Is DOGTV Actually Being Marketed To Stoners?

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A hard-hitting investigation into whether DOGTV, the first television channel designed for dogs, is actually for stoners.


Let's Check In With The Local New-… Aaaaaaaand Somebody Made A Toilet Out Of Snow

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Saying "I looked outside and saw the crappy weather and figured it was kind of a pun," art student Jeremy Bena made a toilet of of snow.


Extended Footage Of Addy, The Delightful Driving Test Stoner

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Thanks to a commenter, we now have the outtakes from the news report where delightful stoner Addy took a driving test. She really is the best.


A Seattle News Station Got Three People High And Gave Them A Driving Test, Because Of Journalism

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CBS's Seattle affiliate, KIRO, got three people high as hell and gave them a driving test. Journalism is alive and well.


CNN Conducts Stoned Driving Tests


CNN gets varying degrees of marijuana users high and has them drive on a closed course.


Teacher Etiquette Update: Don’t Smoke Pot Under The Bleachers At A Wrestling Tournament

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On Wendesday, we shared with you the story of a <a href="" target="_blank">Catholic high school baseball coach who pretended to be a lady on Facebook to get naked pictures of his players</a>.

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Meme Watch: 10 Dog Is The Newest Addition To The Stoner Dog Pantheon

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"10 Dog" is the newest canine marijuana enthusiast who has emerged to join the august ranks of the stoner dogs. Here are the 25 best examples of the meme.

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Washington State Has Just Announced The Greatest Government Job To Exist

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Sold weed in college? Washington State might be looking for you. No, for a job.


A Christmas Tree That Is Now Legal In Two States (And Afternoon Links)

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Today's afternoon links, featuring a festive IKEA monkey, a marijuana Christmas tree, and Cuban Pete the spider king of the rumba beat.


Let’s Celebrate Colorado And Washington Legalizing Marijuana With Funny Pictures, Shall We?

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Voters in both Colorado and Washington passed ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana use. Let's celebrate with funny pictures, shall we?


America’s Fastest Growing Stoner Demographic: Dogs


Um sorry, cats, but dogs are scoring major points for apparently being America's fastest growing stoner demographic.


Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana


The science behind marijuana, the effect it has on your brain, and how it shapes your experience.


Fiona Apple Arrested For Smoking Stuff People Are Forbidden From Smoking In Texas

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Fiona Apple was arrested at a border stop in Texas. Time to get cranking on those "Free Fiona" t-shirts while the gettin' is good.


High Times PSA


High Times magazine puts its own spin on drug education, urging parents to teach their children about good marijuana.


Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates ‘Christmas For Stoners’ By Asking The Important Question


As your stoner friends and the internet are relentlessly reminding you today, it's 4/20 day -- a day in which people who smoke a lot of weed smoke even more weed in celebration/rebellion.


Happy 4/20 From The Marijuana Cats


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