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Here’s The First Look At The Rock As A Miami Dolphins Star In HBO’s ‘Ballers’

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In HBO's upcoming series 'Ballers,' Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson plays a retired Miami Dolphins star.


50 Questions About The Dancing Sharks From Katy Perry’s Halftime Show

By | 25 Comments

Katy Perry took the stage at the Super Bowl halftime show with two dancing sharks. Understandably, we have a few questions.


Mark Wahlberg And His Bear Try To Steal Tom Brady’s Essence In The ‘Ted 2′ Super Bowl Trailer

By | 2 Comments

Tom Brady was a winner in two respects last night, taking home another Super Bowl and starring in a new 'Ted 2' trailer.

ted 2

The Talking Teddy Bear Is Getting Married In The First Trailer For ‘Ted 2′

By | 19 Comments

Ted and John take civil rights to a new level in the trailer for 'Ted 2,' as the talking teddy bear gets married and wants to have a child.

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Will Ferrell Was Dragged Out Of A New Orleans Pelicans Game At Halftime, But For A Good Reason

By | 22 Comments

Will Ferrell was at the New Orleans Pelicans game earlier, but ended up being led out of the arena at halftime after causing a scene.


Another Victim Of Teenage Mark Wahlberg Has Come Forward, And Thinks He Shouldn’t Be Pardoned

By | 39 Comments

Another one of Mark Wahlberg's victims has come forward and is much less zen about the whole thing.


Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Doesn’t Mince Words About Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Photos

By | 47 Comments

Mark Wahlberg's wife Rhea took to Twitter to bitch about Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein shoot and then later backpedal on her words.

six billion dollar man

Mark Wahlberg Has Some News About ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man’

By | 3 Comments

The actor briefly discussed the project during press for 'The Gambler.'


Mark Wahlberg Just Admitted ‘Transformers 5′ Is On The Way

By | 18 Comments

Yes, there will be a fifth Transformers movie, as confirmed by Mark Wahlberg. Why? Because the rest of the world has no taste.

#Fascinating Facts

Why Mark Wahlberg Passed On ‘Brokeback Mountain’ (And Other Famous Roles He Nearly Had)

By | 13 Comments

Mark Wahlberg's had a great movie career, but missed his chances at robbing a casino, going into space, and finding cowboy love.


Mark Wahlberg Discusses What It Was Like Wearing His ‘Boogie Nights’ Prosthetic Penis

By | 6 Comments

Because it's still a topic of endless fascination, here's Mark Wahlberg on his 'Boogie Nights' monster dong.


Mark Wahlberg’s Victim Says Marky Mark Didn’t Blind Him And Should Be Pardoned

By | 33 Comments

Turns out the guy Mark Wahlberg punched was already blind in that eye.

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Watch Mark Wahlberg And Jimmy Fallon Repeatedly Slap Each Other In The Face With Giant Rubber Hands

By | 2 Comments

Jimmy Fallon and Mark Wahlberg took part in a high-stakes game of blackjack, with the loser of each round getting smacked in the face.

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